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  1. If he survived that beating by Scott Walker a couple of years ago, he should survive getting hit by a Yukon.
  2. This doesn't seem too bad to me. Both guys have been kind of underwhelming, but Tlusty is farther along and may simply need a change of scenery. Sometimes good players just have bad runs with a particular team. He was a point-per-game player in both the OHL and AHL, something that cannot be said of Paradis. Granted, Paradis has more of an edge to his game, but right now we need to start thinking about rebuilding, and Tlusty would be available much sooner than Paradis.
  3. I would have liked to see him get three or four, since he'd probably already miss a couple on account of the injury. But at least two games is a shot across the bow, and he knows the league is watching him. Next time he screws up, he'll officially be a repeat offender, which will force Campbell's hand a bit when deciding on appropriate disciplinary measures. It's not ideal, but it definitely could be worse, and it's certainly better than I expected.
  4. His name is Alex Ovechkin. He will not be suspended until he ends a guy's season, if not his career.
  5. [quote name='Evenstrength18 wrote: WStout']Comeback? No. Not with Mo in charge. Let's break the record. Sand bag for 5 years like Pitt and get oodles of good players. Would this franchise be able to survive sand bagging for 5 yrs though? Probably not, since Pittsburgh only barely did. Then again, that was also Balsillie's first failed acquisition attempt, and now that he has three of them and the ire of all the executives in the league to boot, he probably doesn't pose a threat to any city's team now. Even so, Raleigh as a whole only likes the Hurricanes when they're good. At best five years of bottom-feeding would marginalize them, and at worst would send them off to Winnipeg. No bueno.
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