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  1. Personal opinion: Wearing a Thrashers jersey and cheering for the Canes would be a great statement. When I first joined I directly asked for opinions on doing that, to read the results and "glean" the reaction on here. EVERY single response was positive. Definitely, do it. My first game, I plan to wear my red ATL Flames jersey and a Canes hat. Unfortunately, for Sunday, I have to work.
  2. Welcome to Cane Nation! As also a former BlueBird fan, I certainly understand this statement: "The Canes were a rival, but not someone I hated." I felt that way too. If you "hang" around here, you'll find them very open, accepting, and kind to Canebirds (Thasher fans pulling for the Huricannes). "Southern hospitality" is alive and well here, and I'm thankful for it. As for the former Thrashers themselves, I hope them well. The games where they play the Canes will be weird. But, the Winnipeg fans who bombarded the Thrasher forums after the move was leaked, then announced, ruined my of my plans to continue to support the team. Now that they have been thoroughly "Jet-ified" and "Canadianized," that won't be too hard.
  3. What Atlanta showed was that a team can be decent (only made post season once, but just missed it quite a few times) on the absolute minimal league-allowable budget. The city is still, basically, untapped by a consistently good team w/ owners who actually WANT the team. Phoenix and Dallas have their own issues, hardly related to location. New Jersey and Long Island are the interesting one. Every sport (inc. Formula One racing) seems to see the New York City area as a sports "holy ground" where success is certain as long as you can get established. That said, 2 formerly HIGHLY successful teams are in serious trouble. As for Kovy . . . that was funny . . . hehehehehehehehe
  4. The kid sank it. He should get the dough. Period. The issue is whoever had the insurance on the contest wants ANY excuse not to pay and pocket the insurance deposit. (For ANY contest, the provider gets an insurance policy on the contest, w/ the insurer betting on the likelihood someone actually wins.)
  5. On this, I'm of minds . . . My passionate side wants him, as a person w/ a lot of talent, to recover and continue on his career. The other side, who is sick of the severe overcoverage of "El Sid" in all things hockey, would like some relief and coverage of the OTHER talent out there. Like ... the Staal bros (esp. the one playing for US!).
  6. some retro is good and an improvement. One example is when the Atlanta Braves did it in 1987, w. some alterations as to the shading. Now that IS the modern look. For others, it is awful and a downgrade from good, modern, design to crap/cheap looking. I'd say that each instance could be good or bad depending on the quality or crappiness of the logos and identities in question. One of the better, probably the best, of the present "modern" logos is the Canes. Some "modern" logos ARE now "retro"- like the Flyers, Flames,and Whalers. But, those stand up well and STILL look good. The Canucks "Flying Skate" (for example) simply doesn't. One of my personal favorite modern logos is the Penguins integrated triangle/penguin logo. I like that better than the somewhat cartoony skating penguin, which is the teams retro logo going way back in their history. For looking at the various hockey logos and uniforms, I like this site: http://www.nhluniforms.com/
  7. Hehehehehe I didn't even notice that. That's great!
  8. When they bought the Hawks (their real interest), they got the arena rights and Thrashers as part of the deal. The Thrash were the part they never wanted. So, in the last re-negotiations (or whatever it was), they separated the Thrashers from a long-term link to the arena. So, they would be free to sell them w/o a rights buy-out necessary. Now, most fans weren't aware of this deal and the move came as a complete surprise (esp. as Beat-man came and told the Thrasher fans there were no plans to move the team he knew of only months before the opposite happened, which was a COMPLETE lie in light of later events). So, there was no arena-rights buyout, which they would have probably worked out (after a few lawsuits between themselves ). That these clowns retain arena operating rights is why NO ONE seriously wants to deal with them anymore, esp. after numerous lawsuits between themselves, their own lawyers, and their own associates . . . Strip them of arena rights and there MAY be another Atlanta ownership interest . . . otherwise . . . no.
  9. The irony is that the plane shape is that of the F/A-18, which was designed for the US Navy/USMC then sold to Canada as well. Still, it is the primary fighter aircraft of the RCAF . . . To me, it looks like a made-up fan or video game team logo, not a real one. They are using the main Thrasher colors of Navy, maroon, and light blue (no yellow yet seen and good-bye to the awful brown). That makes it MUCH easier to pull against them now . . . Edit: The light blue is evident on the alternate logos: http://jets.nhl.com/club/gallery.htm?id=23491&navid=DL|WPG|home'>http://jets.nhl.com/club/gallery.htm?id=23491&navid=DL|WPG|home And on the main page: http://jets.nhl.com/
  10. Welcome from the center of the I-26/385 Y! Us SoCar-ians need to plan a few "group trips" to Caneland. We can both save on gas and have a good time together.
  11. Seems like Canes, Preds, a Florida team, WinnyPeg, or walking off for a while.
  12. And Heat-head moves once again . . . He's a great player, just some deep underlying problems where he never seems happy where his is after a while there.
  13. So . . . Maybe it should be "Moby Rick" . . . (I laughed at it too when I saw, then started to edit to force it, then left as was-as is quite comical. I hope no one who is named Richard and goes my the "D-word" 4-letter nickname . . . Could make it difficult on forums. Oh, and the University of South Carolina's mascot causes issues on nearly every forum, even if it is a fighting rooster.
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