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  1. Hello Canes fans! I am a Thrashers fan but with us out yet again, I wanted to hop on here and wish you the best of luck! My fingers and toes are crossed that the Rangers lose today. With your permission, I would like to be a Caniac for the rest of the season. Hopefully it will be a long and victorious one for your team! Long live southern hockey! Go Devils (today only) and Go Canes!
  2. Hey Caniacs - thanks for continuing to vote! The vote is currently 40.40% Canes/Thrashers game vs. 59.60% Flames/Red Wings. Great job - we only have a short way to go. You can vote more than once, so anytime you think about it, jump over to www.espnamerica.comand vote! (It is the 2nd box from the bottom on the right hand side.) We're almost there!!
  3. Thanks jb! It is all in good fun and we have managed to go from 23% yesterday to 34% today, so keep voting!
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