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  1. Greetings to all. Former Thrasher fan here who was truly disheartened with the incompetence of the ownership and the lack of support for the fanbase demonstrated by the NHL and the hatefulness directed by the Jets trolls. I just walked away after the sale. I hadn't kept up on anything hockey related until this past Monday. As I was driving home from a vacation from Disney, I was listening to ESPN radio on Sirius and a update stated the Ryan Miller was out with a concussion. When I got home, research was done. After a few seconds I felt the old quote, "I thought I was out, but they keep pulling me back in". I maybe paraphrasing that, don't kill me on that one. The Hurricane fans have always been very enjoyable upon their visits to Atlanta and quite respectful when I visited carolina. Becoming a Canes fan seems an easy switch. I was happy that during the All Star game in Atlanta years ago that if a Thrasher didn't win the MVP that a SE player, Eric Staal, did. I did change my signon name. Stormthrasher, which is what I went by, seemed a disprespectful name. So I changed it. I have work to do regarding becoming more familiar with the team and the farm system. I am excited about watching games again, starting tonight against the Habs. Thanks for listening.
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