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  1. any props from don cherry is good but i don't see it happening, unload some vets for youth and free up some salary. how great would it be to get versteeg barker sharp or bfyuglien from chicago?
  2. the 2 years after the cup win if the canes had a back up who won 50% of his games played the canes are in the playoffs both years. jr made a bad move signing grahame and leighton. legace is better but still now it is too late, they might as well put larose in net the rest of the season because it doesnt matter there will be no playoffs
  3. i wanted tippett and was disappointed when they resigned maurice. that being said, the coach isnt the problem
  4. playoffs are out of the queestion, i bet the canes finish strong but still bottom 8-10 team in the league standings wise. tanking it is playing leighton 50 games and skating brindamour 20 minutes a night
  5. not as great as last year but still lots of nice options
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