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  1. By the way great Job Carolina for sticking it to the Bruins! Go Canes Go! Sorry one dude doesn't like the canes in the video.
  2. I watched game 1! I did not see Ward stand on his head!
  3. Fair enough. Sorry for the spelling mistakes, totally my fault. I like the canes, but just can't see you guys getting past the Bruins. Ward will have to stand on his head. I will be cheering for the Underdog though, and I may even follow your series and put some highlights up!! Congrats on beating New Jersey too! Cheers Parksy
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh9ufSSnjEo Hey guys we were all pumped, I can now chear for Carolina till the 2nd round!!! GO CANES GO!
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