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  1. ... I'll adjust my previous statement by saying Skinner has played well offensively every year he's been with us.
  2. It ain't gonna happen. Might as well lose as many as possible and go for the high pick. Not that they should lose on purpose, but losing badly is better than winning just enough to miss tha playoffs on the last game of the year. Over the past 8 years we basically hope every one of our players has a career year in order for us to win. Usually one of two guys have a career year but the rest of the team struggles. For ex look at Dobby last year, same for Sekera and Gerbe. Unfortunately, those three guys aren't gonna get you there on their own. You need Staal, Staal, Skinner, and Semin to be their best. They weren't. They typically haven't been their best since playin here. Next year is a total rebuild. RF will do this finally.
  3. Dreger reports we have contacted Barry Trotz... Also speculates Muller could go to Toronto or St Louis https://mobile.twitter.com/DarrenDreger
  4. I will be the realistic one for you all - this season is over. Let's look to the draft.
  5. And I have to say, so far this season we are getting the kind of performance te rest of the league has expected from us. Not terrible, but falling short on a regular basis. AKA like most seasons. I would hope we either make the playoffs or fail miserably and get a top draft pick. Tired of missing the playoffs and missing out on elite picks (I know skinner and Lindholm are good but still).
  6. This may be an irrelevant question now but: if Dobby played well for us this year and took us into the playoffs, would the Canes trade Ward?
  7. Not that I know anything... But bye bye playoffs. I wonder if JR really thinks they will make it? I have to think he knows they need another move.
  8. I've been out of the loop.... Camp Brindy is over now right?
  9. I could run steps as good as most of the players.... But can't play hockey to save my life.
  10. John Forslund states on twitter her believes the mystery forward that is talking with the canes is Brandon Morrow.
  11. Sounds like Lindholm, Barkov, and Nichuskin http://www.mynhldraft.com/2013-nhl-draft-prospect-rankings Each has a pro and a con. Should be interesting http://www.mynhldraft.com/2013/NHL-Draft-Profiles/Valeri-Nichushkin http://www.mynhldraft.com/2013/NHL-Draft-Profiles/Elias-Lindholm http://www.mynhldraft.com/2013/NHL-Draft-Profiles/Aleksander-Barkov
  12. Tell him Gary Bettman must go. A lockout when the league was growing is unforgivable. They had literally YEARS to figure out a new CBA. And instead they waited until it EXPIRED and put forth ridiculous proposals they knew the players wouldn't accept and for what? Was it worth it? I truly hope the NHL suffers this season otherwise they will think this behavior is ok and we will suffer another lockout in 8 years. Again...
  13. Let me just say I refuse to buy any tickets or purchase any NHL products this season... You may proceed.
  14. It's official. I have had it. They have lost me as a hockey fan. I may watch the occasional game or even buy tickets from time to time. But no more will I check the daily blogs or Canes schedule. I will not purchase Center Ice. I will not upgrade my cable package just to see the Canes. I will not be a group leader ever again. This whole thing is ridiculous. It has gone on long enough that not only am I protesting the lockout with my cash but I also have had long enough to find other interests to occupy my time.
  15. Recently former Stanley Cup-winning coach Marc Crawford tore into Semin (via TSN, h/t washingtonpost.com), calling him “a complete loser” and accused him of having “no character.” Not to be left out of the Semin bashing, Pierre McGuire joined Crawford, calling Semin, “the ultimate coach killer.” 1 year and no more.
  16. I say those teams are willing to OVERPAY. JR is not. I can see Carle but not semin. There have been rumors about his work ethic and attitude. Doesn't seem like te character guys JR goes after.
  17. Per Tripp it's Philly, Detroit, new York, pens, and us in on Nash
  18. With Columbus rumored to want a top 6 forward in return, I have to say I'd be very concerned Ruutu would be the guy to go. He's the only physical forward we have. I would love to see JR go after some size for our forth line.
  19. Wow. I won't say that was horrible. But it was not in our favor unless there is more at play here (ie E Staal wanted it). Sutter and Doumolin would have been fair IMO.
  20. Could be Harrison or Carson. Both are in the training camp group A, ie they are both doing training camp with the veterans. Rodney on the other hand is practicing with group B, the rookies. Strange, since not too long ago JR said Rodney was essentially on the team unless he looked horrible at camp.
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