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  1. Another tough loss 7-1. I'm not ready to see their season over!
  2. Tyler Seguin looked phenomenal this game. Where has he been all season?
  3. I'm kinda happy that these home games are over, because they seem to get more wins on the road.
  4. I really think the Brus will end up winning this series. Tim Thomas has been phenomenal.
  5. After Friday we'll be one step closer to the Calder Cup!
  6. let's win the series Checkers!

    1. captain_jack88


      done. Bring on round 2!

    2. dinz


      the irishman steals the show!

  7. Did anyone happen to catch the goal scored in the 2nd OT last night? It was probably the worst goal i've ever seen scored...henrik must be beating himself up after that game.
  8. Faulk was looking really good in a Checkers uniform last night!
  9. Another guy is Riley Nash. He can definitely find the back of the net. He's an all around great player. He passes, shoots, and skates well & isn't afraid to get physical. Nash is my favorite forward and I think he's really proved himself in his rookie year.
  10. After watching him in the Frozen Four and seeing what he can really do, I'm excited for him to come to Charlotte
  11. The game tonight was a tough one to watch. I'm really pulling for the Rangers on this one. Hopefully the MSG crowd will pump them up and really turn the series around.
  12. I'm really hope that the Cablebox will fill up for the playoff games. I know i'll be there for both game, but I think the people in here in Charlotte are really excited that our team has made it this far & is up 1-0 in the series woohoo!
  13. I say it like the broadcaster Shaya says it. He pronounces it like "Me-cal Jor-dan". But then Murph says pronounces it like Micheal Jordan in the Mike & Mike mailbag so idk? hah
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