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  1. Hm I see you deleted mine and his msg, that was the right thing to do for sure, no need for off topic and drama (:
  2. Yea I get your point. I also love my home country and also I can't stand arrogant people like him for an example. So I hope you see the reason why I can't let him say whatever he wants without atleast defending my dear Finland and also Europe. So first of all Europe isn't one big country. It's more like your asking help from us nowadays, it's not WW2 anymore. Wow how stupid you are? They pay a lot more money in NHL than any other league. And also most of the americans are from europe, please tell me your not indian and you live in a little cottage. I can't see why you hate europeans and also Europe that much dj. Personaly I'd love to live in North-America that I would be able to see some games live and not wait till 2 am to see few games, it would also be a nice devlopent for my english language skillls. oh and if I'm right Chine almost owns ya...
  3. Wow. So you also think ifOlympics are hosted in Canada we shouldn't be able to watch it? And if World Cup will be hosted in German you shouldn't be able to watch it? Thereare fans also in here as they are in there, maybe not that much fans, but hey we still exist... So should we also take European players awayform NHL and make our own league? At the moment the best players are European...So you don't own the NHL. So for example you shouldn't even use electricity since Europeans found it first, and that's the bullshit your giving to us... Join army and fight for your pointless oil...And that's my opinion. The End
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