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  1. Totally agree, I had the same thoughts during the game.
  2. It was a nice little appetizer to get my head back into hockey. The big key for any team to get anywhere in these playoffs will be getting into sync and cranking up the play-off intensity the fastest. I know you can't expect too much from the first exhibition game but I didn't see much of either from the Canes last night, especially our D and that leaves me a little worried. I haven't found my rose colored glasses yet so I must admit that there were way too many miscues for my liking. The biggest disappointments (to me) were Slavin struggling with speed and reading plays which I would have never expected and made the absence of Hamilton and Pesce especially noticeable; Foegele with little to no puck control and with about as much pep as a racecar trying to get off the line in 3rd gear; and that Skjei guy on a try-out contract from AWAC's beer league. No, wait, .... Hope that Brindy makes some adjustments and that we see much needed improvements.
  3. Not so quick on Necas. It also says that players with 40/70 NHL/AHL games played requirement will not be considered until the beginning of the 2019-20 season. Necas is already beyond that in pro games and will not be exempt.
  4. Some rumors circling around Twitter that Aho is out. ??? Hope it's just some sarcastic jokers having fun with the Geekie recall.
  5. True, but that was the Knight's cost and not necessarily ours. Knowing how desperate we were and how many picks we have, I think the Hawks didn't hesitate trying to hose Don. My guess is the committee was willing to part at with one 1st and 2nds plus player(s) for a goalie and a decent D-man. Since they expected Petr not to be out too long it makes sense that they opted for Skjei and the length of his contract. Going for Lehner would have meant losing either Petr or Reims on waiver or ending up paying their NHL salary in Charlotte and still risk Lehner walking after the season if we didn't pay what he expected.
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