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  1. This game has OT written all over it.
  2. Read that some fans are planning a Dougie chant at 19 min in the 1st period.
  3. As much as it sucks that Hamilton is out for pretty much the rest of the season, I hope that it serves as a huge wakeup call to the entire team to start showing up on time again and bring a 60 minute effort every game...if they want to make the playoffs
  4. Good forecheck, crisp tape on tape passing, quick transitions through neutral zone and no brain farts on D
  5. looking for his 100th NHL point
  6. We ended up with a couple of nice chances because of some nice hits. Hm, what novel idea.
  7. oh hell, 10 minutes late and we're already down by 1
  8. A valid question. Considering how much the "rumor" has gotten into our heads, I think it is safe to say that all the players are also aware of it and have at least given some thought to possible implications. I doubt the rumor had any influence on our latest losses though, if any, and was simply the lingering result of an adrenalin crash after a fantastic road trip followed by a disappointing free-for-all against Toronto and being owned again, as usual, by the Rags. I see no shame in losing to the Caps and Tampa but our lack of focus and overall performance in each of the first two periods is concerning. Coaching staffs and team leaders of good teams will find a way to overcome that and won't tolerate more of it without consequences. I hope the Canes are one of them.
  9. Right now it looks more like the next game
  10. Looks like Stamkos, Kucherov, Lecavalier and Martin St Louis vs. LaRose, Dalpe, Boychuk and Brendl
  11. Did anyone finish a check yet? Caps showed little to no respect and neither does Tampa and all we are good at is wagging around sticks.
  12. Let's see what else the dreaded 2d period has in store for us.
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