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  1. It was close but it looked like Oshie's stick made contact below his shoulder so it wasn't a high stick. I would have been ok with a challenge but they showed a bunch of replays which Brindy must have seen also and it looked legal. Craps could have gone on the PP because of the challenge.
  2. Yes, but that only matters if it goes in directly after contact. Oshie's stick made contact below his shoulder then dropped on the ice in front of Reimer before he scored.
  3. Yea, the way last season ended
  4. Getting ready for last night's game I found a new Stihl hat where I left my lucky, supposedly "nasty" old one. Mrs. Whaler sure got one over on me. I should have known better but the way I see it, it's the perfect opportunity to buy another jersey, or two, to hopefully sooth the sentimental distress. I'm glad there is enough good mojo going around without my help. Keep it up guys.
  5. Forgot all about this thread lol. It should be at 100 pages by now.
  6. There is that, but talk about pucker factor for Bean should Brindy tell him he is dressing for an NHL playoff game.
  7. Nothing fancy for me. Just my old STIHL hat,... with chaffed bill, sweat and bar & chain oil stains that will never, ever wash out. Dug it out of the garbage after my wife told me she threw it away, washed it and have been wearing it out of spite on game days since Christmas.
  8. I'm glad they finally made it to the big dance and have a few days to get the sense of accomplishment out of their system before the real season starts. Go Canes.
  9. Every team making the playoffs is a contender.
  10. I have a feeling it'll be a " with Jordan coming back, we like our group".
  11. If they make the playoffs -- I hope they pencil in the final regular season celebration wearing black hats and sunglasses...
  12. Just started to look into it. Thanks.
  13. I think the guys started doing pretty good without Ferland in the lineup.
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