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  1. Someone has a great sense of humor...
  2. That made me smile too. Since Raz isn't the kind a guy that would go all-out Bill Peters on someone for little to no reason, but I could imagine him goating an opponent to draw an additional penalty especially once he realized who it was. I must admit though that he did a pretty good job.
  3. Neither did your favorite player. Just sayin'
  4. Maybe I'm too old school but I wouldn't even call Thornton's punch a cheap-shot. I mean, Raz had every reason to be ticked off at the late poke-check but after his attempted round house slash and then getting into Thornton's face, what did he think would/could happen? I think Joe reacted just like Raz may have hoped he would and we got a PP out of it. The only thing that really matters is that he managed not to hurt himself with his fainting goat- drop to the ice and that he was a major contributor in getting the win.
  5. Great way for Jordo to rally the troops for the win
  6. has a clear shot on goal but passes the puck to Hamilton with three guys on him …
  7. Now if TT would only try to lift the puck
  8. My guess would be that since the SAT line is the only consistent scoring line we have and a top D-pairing whose shots can be blocked from getting through, it's easy for other teams have make adjustments and shut us down. On the other hand, it only takes a nod from Brindy and they are back together.
  9. After Ryan Suzuki suffering an eye injury, now Patrik Puistola.
  10. Agree. To me, it was one of our top three overall performances this season. Yea, we got shut-out but for 57 minutes you could not tell which of teams was the best in the league, was barely holding on to a wild card, played in front of their home crowd or held one of the best team stats. Hell, even Jack*** Edwards was so impressed and chose his words carefully that he didn't go all out homer on the viewers until the second goal. Gardiner needs a reality check, either start producing to make up for his brain cramps or actually play some freakin' D, instead of looking like a guy who thinks he has nothing left to prove. At this rate, he'll be lucky if another Canes' fan asks him to take a picture of them with Stormy. Staal … yea, something is obviously up with him that we are not aware of. Just a year ago a lot of folks thought Hamilton was total bust and were more than willing to trade him for a broken stick. Comparing Jordo's playoffs to this season it's like night and day with him but I doubt it has anything to do with his family legacy or being Captain.
  11. On a positive note, we did sweep the Bruins in 2012 for the first time ever, all while getting out-shot, out-hit, out-FO'd and out-penalized but not out-scored (15-5 Canes). Bruins at the time were 17 games over .500 while the Canes were 6 games under. To me it felt like winning Game 7 in a playoff series. Anyway, I know it doesn't mean jack for tonight but...everything is possible.
  12. van Riemsdyk is a healthy scratch Fleury paired with Gardiner.
  13. Petr is trying to do too much and needs to calm the heck down.
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