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  1. All I'm going to say is: play with the same physical edge I expect Ov & Co. to bring tonight and we got this.
  2. Trying not to fall behind early So much for that
  3. Whaler1

    2019 Playoffs

    His heart seems to be in the right place. Read somewhere else that Svech said he just wanted to stand up for himself when Ovi asked him to dance and I think that's where our rookie messed up because judging by Ovi's frustration, he did an excellent job of it up to that point. Accepting a challenge to fight is a different story though. Since it was not a spontaneous escalation he could have just as easily laughed it off or goat Ovi to get an instigator penalty. Whatever little mind game advantage he had over Ovi evaporated as soon as Ovi's gloves hit the ice while he sported a surprised look and still clutched his stick. I'm sure he'll learn eventually.
  4. Oh, yay, Tim Peel and Dan O’Rourke are refs for tonight.
  5. Whaler1

    2019 Playoffs

    Lindholm got hurt on a hit he initiated late in the 3rd and didn't return. Looked like a shoulder injury. No mocking the skol clap anytime soon.
  6. They brought their best effort in game 3 and got smacked down 5-0, then re-grouped for game 4 and still couldn't do more than score one goal in the loss. We are in their heads and under their skin. I'm convinced that if we can brave the 1st period in DC and not fall behind in the 1st, we have a damn good chance to take that game.
  7. they need to get back to finishing their checks again to get the Craps off their game.
  8. why have we stopped finishing our checks and the Craps are still hitting anything that moves?
  9. The Flames-Avs series has potential to be another
  10. After the adrenalin wears off I'm sure a lot of ice machines will work overtime tonight. Growing pains but hell, that's playoff hockey and there are no quitters on the team. Man, have I missed this. Now they know they can get under their skin if they play aggressive and stay physical the entire game. Go Canes!!!
  11. Might not have been such a bad thing
  12. I was just thinking about the same thing
  13. Douggggggggggie woooooooooooooooooooooo
  14. Throat-check = no blood = only 2 minutes
  15. Dumb penalty but a nice introduction to Oshie so I'm somewhat ok with it.
  17. Penalties hurt us but it's good to see they didn't just give up. We have a lot of playoff rookies on a steep learning curve willing and able to fight back. Not bad but not good enough. On to Saturday.
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