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  1. Not so quick on Necas. It also says that players with 40/70 NHL/AHL games played requirement will not be considered until the beginning of the 2019-20 season. Necas is already beyond that in pro games and will not be exempt.
  2. If Zinger is ready we would have to change the emergency recall to a standard recall for Geekie. I don't think there are any other implications other than someone needs to be a healthy scratch. Hope it's not Geekie right off because our 4th line is finally clicking with him in the lineup and that Brindy keeps using him in other situations as well.
  3. Makes sense. Last night was the sharpest and quickest I have seen of him in quite a while. If he can keep it up, it's time to ride him as many games as he wants to start. Hope to see more of Geekie. He is contributing without being a liability and definitely deserves to get more looks.
  4. Keeps making me think of Skjei's comments, that our D-men are expected to be way more offensively involved than he has been used to. That would explain a lot when gaffs become more frequent and noticeable and certain sides and pairings getting exploited by opponents. I think that during the games Petr and Reims were out everyone, including Gardiner, started getting into a more rounded game which in turn seems to have made them more confident and played to their strengths. I hope he keeps it up. As to Skjei's boneheaded plays, the guy is playing on his off side which few players are comfortable with and have a positive impact at the same time. I think he deserves some breaks from us.
  5. Maybe it's the wakeup call we need. Guys have been really sloppy getting pucks out of the zone.
  6. Geekie is outscoring Aho, Turbo and Svetch combined.
  8. I just hope we don't revert back to a more offensive mind set and worry less about defense just because Petr is back in net.
  9. Wings just showed highlights of the Tampa game... Canes better take these guys serious.
  10. Screw Gordie. I'd rather see him get another goal or assist.
  11. Could have easily gone the other way if the Pens had scored instead of hitting the crossbar on the PK. Pens will try to crank it up in the 3rd and open up the ice for counters. Hope we can anticipate some passes and keep up the pressure. Go for the gusto!!
  12. He didn't fake pump a shot for a change and actually let one fly. Who woulda thunk?
  13. Shame in the Pens for only paying off one Ref.
  14. Geekie play is making Zinger and half the other expendable. Do we have more Geekie's in Charlotte?
  15. Some rumors circling around Twitter that Aho is out. ??? Hope it's just some sarcastic jokers having fun with the Geekie recall.
  16. I think Donwalrus should start the next GDT while he is hot. Maybe it'll wear off and we start a win streak.
  17. Wish I could share your optimism
  18. I just love our 4 foot passes rushing through the neutral zone charging head-on against defenders. Sure adds to the excitement, especially when it only takes one of them to break up the rush and throws momentum back our way. I'm all for gang busting rushes but once it a while I sure would like to see some East - West movement to open up the ice.
  19. At least we know that one of the teams will stop their losing streak. Hope it's us. Was wondering too. He seems to be doing all the expected dirty work - right up finding an open guy or getting into scoring position himself. Other than some exceptions, Aho and Turbo seem off too, like they have been reprogramed to work instead of to have fun.
  20. Totally agree. Losing Hamilton alone should have been cause enough for Brindy to start changing up some things and focus on a more defensive oriented system. It is pretty obvious that Dougie's scoring made up for a lot of our offensive shortcomings just like Pesce's reliability made up for a lot of our shortcomings in the back end. With both of them out of the lineup now, it's no wonder we are seeing more and more odd-man rushes, goals against, confusion and miscues, and yet Brindy still seems to think that it's a great idea to have forwards with little to no defensive abilities keep covering for pinching defensemen with little to no offensive abilities. OK, to be fair, I thought against Philly they showed some signs that they are working on something but whatever it is they trying looks to be too little and way too late. Such a transition and adjustment would have made a hell of a lot more sense during "easier" schedules over the last two months instead of now, with everything on the line and one tough team after another with no rest in between. Here is looking at you, Brindy.
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