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  1. Eklund is nothing but a cold reading faker. He is a joke.
  2. Buffalo will always have problems keeping their team healthy due to their style of play. When you dipsy-doodle and are creative with the puck, you are more likely to get caught with your head down or be put into situations were one could pull their groin etc. The important thing for the Sabres will be to get healthy and stay healthy at the right time of year. Buffalo has turned into this years Ottawa, If the Sabres only have 6 loses by the end of January, then they might be an enigma. The problem I have with some Sabre fans is they think they are the second coming of the 76-77 Monteal Canadien. There's nothing wrong with being excited for your team, but not to the point it turns into arrogance.
  3. Hmmmm... the award will be presented Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden... I wonder what two teams are playing that night? Does that mean Brind'Amour is going to win the first ever Mark Messier Leadership award?
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