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  1. Fedoruk would be a bad choice, not much of a fighter now and he's one punch/big hit away from ending his career. There's more metal in that mans face than in a zamboni. Anyways, Leighton is making a strong bid to be in the nhl next year. First playoff game tonight against the phantoms...39 save shutout. Rats win 4-0.
  2. Hindsight is always 20/20.
  3. Ya! Let's get more guys who can't play defense! In fact, let's forget defense all together, ice 12 top 6 forwards, 6 offensive defensemen and let's trade for Turco because he's a great puck handler and can set us up to score even more! Seriously though, defense is key right now. Caniacs need only think of one thing this summer when it comes to improving the team and that's DEFENSE.
  4. They were both already in Albany. Chaput played in the last game and will continue to play but Dodge will not dress for any games. Tom Rowe said in an interview he'll stay and work with the team but it's unlikely he plays. Not impressed by Dodge, eh? Haven't seen him play I take it. He's a pretty good two-way forward and a great pickup that late in the draft. Possibly the best defensive forward in college hockey. Hard worker, good leadership, all around great guy. He could become a pretty good 3rd liner. Chaput was drafted in the role of a grinder but his offense has really picked up this past year in Lewiston. Upside is a possible 3rd liner but most likely he'll be a 4th line checker. Good defensive forward. So all in all I fail to see how you could be unimpressed with these guys. Their development has come along nicely. You've gotta draft character/role players too, it's not all about starting goalies, first liners and top pairing defensemen. We have one more prospect who's rights run out this year that we could possibly sign and that is Harrison Reed. He took a big step back this year in terms of his offensive production. I would not be surprised if he wasn't tendered an offer. He wasn't that high of a pick and you really need to see a guys development continually moving forward at this age. He isn't just stagnant, he's regressed this season to the point where he was traded from his ohl team. 2006-2007 67gp 29g 52a 81pts 2007-2008 69gp 14g 33a 47pts He played more games, scored less than half his previous years total of goals and had 34 less points.
  5. Because Whitney is 35? It's pretty obvious why we'd trade him. He'll likely retire at the end of his deal. Whitney is the odd man out because he's old and Samsonov plays a similar style of game. Anyone in their right mind would keep a 29 year old power forward over a 35 year old slick offensive forward when you already have a younger guy who plays the same style just as good if not better.
  6. This for sure spells the end of Whitney or Cole in Carolina. Preferrably Whitney.
  7. That's more than I expected him to get, but I'm skeptical because you have 2 posts. No offense.
  8. shane472


    Must be nice having a parent club that actually cares about the rats...unlike the devils.
  9. I'm completely serious about Wallin being a tank. You can't just judge a guy by his weight. You have all sorts of other things to take into account like body fat % and muscle mass. Heavier isn't better because it can be fat. Pound for pound Wallin is a very strong man.
  10. I'd gladly take Wesley back, but Hedican should hang them up. His body isn't holding up so well and it'd be better for him to end on his own terms rather than suffer a career ending injury or being forced out of the league like LeClair was.
  11. You're right about Koci, the man cannot play hockey at all. Only reason he saw time in the nhl is because he's HUGE. McLeod will be re-signed. You said it yourself, he's an rfa. I'm not really sure why people on this forum always talk about getting guys who are restricted because it's extremely unlikely. If a guy is bad enough to not be qualified by his team why would we want him? We don't need another leader and we'd be better off going with someone younger.
  12. Wallin needs to bulk up? The guy is built like a tank and is probably the strongest player on the team. Just a beast. Unfortunately he doesn't have much of a mean streak so you don't often see him throwing big hits and you'll never see him fight. He's very soft spoken.
  13. He wasn't finalized yet because he wasn't sure he wanted to go what with his ankle bugging him and a new baby at home. TSN broadcasts all these games. You can catch them online, too. They're only available in Canada I believe but there are ways around that.
  14. All of those except for Seidenberg were confirmed over a week ago.
  15. 3 guys that interest me are Kevin Bieksa out of Vancouver and then Shea Weber and Ryan Suter out of Nashville. Both teams struggle to score goals so are in need of forwards and both are in the west so we wouldn't have to face Cole as much during the regular season should we trade him. Bieksa is already established and could step in and make an impact right now. Weber could do just about the same and he's younger. He can put up a lot of goals, too. Suter would also be a nice addition but I'd easily take the other two over him. There were some rumblings this season about a trade involving the canes and predators but the one name I heard mentioned was Kevin Klein but we can do much better if we move Cole. Could probably get Bieksa straight up, Weber would likely cost us something extra since he's so young and has such high upside. A pick or prospect.
  16. Cole always gives us fits when it comes to re-signing him, he could very well leave after next season and we'd get nothing for it. It makes more sense to move him now for our number one need, a top pairing defenseman. We have depth at forward, you deal from a position of strength. He's the guy that would attract the most attention around the league minus Staal who isn't going to be traded obviously. Cole's value to this team is worth more in a trade. Unless he can be extended this summer I think he's moved.
  17. Plus Wallin isn't about to retire any time soon. He's 33 and has been relatively healthy. Why would anyone think he's going to retire?
  18. Already been posted by TSA quite some time ago.
  19. Are you serious? Leighton was facing a ton of shots every night and lots of times getting no help at all from his defense. With all the injuries and call-ups Albany iced a patchwork defense a lot of nights and Leighton kept them winning. Just looked it up to confirm, he faced the most shots of any goalie in the ahl. Even Pekka Rinne who played 7 more games faced 34 less shots.
  20. I get it, you don't like Kaberle and never will. I don't like him either. You've got to admit that $2.2 mil for 44 points a year is a damn good contract right now. Management assumed he could match that and that's where the mistake was made.
  21. I'd rather have Gillies over Brookbank, too, but with Hordichuk money won't be an issue. He made just 517k this year.
  22. Yup, speculation is that Burke is taking over in Vancouver.
  23. I'm not liking Gillies as an option. Sure, he can throw down, but he seriously lacks in the skill department. No, an enforcer doesn't have to be a skilled guy but he should at least be able to play. Carolina isn't going to dress a guy and send him out for a minute a game. Lavi just isn't going to go that far. I could see us signing a guy like Darcy Hordichuk. He's a real high energy guy, hits and will fight anyone. He could actually play a regular shift on the fourth line. We could potentially have a fairly skilled fourth line next year with Sutter and Larose, I can't see us putting Gillies out there with them. If you're going to doubleshift a forward just so you can have him play a minute a game...well that's a waste and again, I don't think Lavi will do that. Just my .2 cents.
  24. I think I need to clear up a few things on Leighton here regarding why he has "bounced from nhl team to nhl team". In his first year in the nhl he played 8 games for the hawks, posting a 2.82 gaa and a .913 sv%. Now for a rookie goalie that ain't bad. The next year he played 35 games and saw his numbers drop off a bit to a 2.99gaa and a .900 sv%. Still, not bad for a young goalie getting his first shot at a heavier workload. During the lockout he played the whole year for Norfolk and looked real good but he didn't fit into Chicago's plans so they traded him to Buffalo. He never got a shot to play with the big team being stuck behind Biron and Miller. Then when Buffalo signed on to share their affiliate with the Florida Panthers he got caught up in the numbers and was let go. Nothing against him but he wasn't going to outplay Biron or Miller and their were older, more experienced goalies to handle things in Rochester. So he signed with the ducks as a free agent. Very first time the ducks tried to call him up from Portland he gets claimed by Nashville. Tomas Vokoun was injured at the time so their goaltending tandem was Chris Mason, who had not yet emerged as a solid goalie, and Pekka Rinne. The predators wanted a better option than Rinne. He stayed with the team for over a month and only got one game. The flyers then claimed him when he was sent down with the return of Vokoun. He got a few starts with them but didn't play well and it was back to the waiver wire where the Canadiens picked him up since Huet was struggling with injuries. He never dressed a single game for them and they'd have let him walk that summer if we hadn't traded for him. So I guess my point of all this is to just show what he's been through. It's really quite incredible to see a young goalie who was once fairly well regarded being bounced around like this. He was good with Chicago, good enough that teams wanted him but then when he was on new teams he wasn't given a shot to stick. I think it's unfair to look at his stats with Philly and Nashville. Who can play their best hockey when they're being shipped all around the league playing spot duty? His numbers as a young goalie with Chicago look promising. If he can get back to that, and I think he can based on his performance over the course of an entire year with Albany, I feel he can be a serviceable backup. No, he won't challenge Ward but I don't personally think that's what Ward or the team needs. We just need a guy who can be reliable in nets, the Anti-Grahame.
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