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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how excited I am to watch Jordan Staal play with the Canes this year. I already have the jersey and begged and pleaded my way into convincing my wife that we needed to spend the money on Center Ice for the benefit of my health so I can see the games this year. Who and how many people will I have to take out in order to make the seaon happen and do they show NHL games in prison?
  2. Thanks for all the scoops on the seating and tickets! You'll be seeing me in my Staal jersey coming to an arena near you!
  3. Yep, Pens fan since I was a wee lad. OK, so I picked them as my team because I liked penguins. That was sports logic for a 7 year old. I am also a big Jordan Staal fan. That being said, you are stuck with me for the next, say, 10 years? It is going to kill me to watch the Pens and Canes play, but I think I will manage. I think it will be great to see Jordan Staal out from behind the two-headed monster's shadow and playing with his very skilled brother. I have received a few messages about the current players and coach. I would like to thank you for that! I have a friend that lives about an hour from where the Canes play. He and his wife like hockey, so when I visit we are going to catch a game. I will be buying the tickets, so I am looking for good seats that won't cost me an arm and a leg. Can anyone point me to the proper section and seating? So after all that.....Go Canes?
  4. Jordan did get a heck of a lot of ice time. It mainly was on the third line and the second line last year. Of course, even though he was on the second line for most of the year, he still played against the other team's best competition. Stats prove that. He started in the defensive zone more often than not and brought it to that best competiton and carried the puck to the offensive zone for Crosby, Malkin, and Neal to step in and have short ice for goal opportunities. He was an excellent set up man for Malkin, Neal, and Crosby. Now they will have to spend more time bringing the puck out of the defensive zone instead of stepping on the ice in their offensive zone. Sutter is a good D center, but he doesn't take the puck into the offensive zone like Staal. If you are going to look at his point production during his minutes you have to consider it might be kinda hard to score points when you are being pressed by the other team's best offensive weapons and starting in your D zone. I love how you guys always say that Jordan has never really played against the other team's best defensive unit, but never consider how difficult it is to score playing against the other teams best offensive unit. If you are going to point out one, you should concede the other or it is just a narrow minded opinion without all the facts. Two sides to a coin and all. One thing is certain, Jordan can eat minutes like candy, especially hard minutes on the PK and still keep going. To put down his short handed goal capability is not really looking at the whole picture. He did have a great rookie season where he caught everyone off guard on the PK. Other coaches must watch the tape and prepare for Staal to be on the PK. Anytime you have a player on the PK unit that is a threat to score a short handed goal, the other team's PP unit has to play a bit more cautious. He may not score on the PK, but he is always a threat to do so. Not many PK'ers in the league can even be considered a real threat to score. Oh yes, and all the Staal haters always bring up the time where he had to become "The Man" in Pittsburgh and failed. Well, not really failed, but didn't produce like Malkin or Crosby. He comes off a foot injury, then a wrist injury, and then has to totally change how he plays his game of hockey. Not really a fair assessment, but you have your numbers and opinion. Not really easy to change from a defensive mindset to an offensive one. That team still played great D(which is what he had been doing for a few years) and made it to the playoffs without the two-headed monster. Over the past two seasons he has been asked to take on a more offensive role while still keeping up with Dan's use of him against the other teams top competition. He has improved steadily. With a proper third line center on a shut down line and more time focused on offense, there should be no question he will improve even more. He is as big or bigger than most defensmen and skates pretty darn good for a big guy. Had to laugh at your Neal comment as well. We both know Neal(because we watched the same games) could not score a goal that latter part of that season if his life depended on it. Whether a great goalie save, hitting a post, or a missed net, he just couldn't get it done. Blaming his poor production on Jordan Staal is laughable, but understandable if Jordan Staal is on your poop list. This was a great pickup by Carolina. The cost was fair, but the pick and prospect are still unknowns in the NHL no matter what anyone says about how good they are now. Verdict is still out on who won the trade. Who cares. Pens got what they needed and the Canes got what they needed.
  5. I would like to see them on separate lines. However, I do get a picture in my mind of the 2 Staals(all 6'4" of them both. They are bigger than most defensemen.) rushing down the ice no one being able to stop them....... I would think putting them together in situations like the last few minutes of the game or of a period would be what you might be looking for. Of course, if they really click and they score like George Clooney.......
  6. We are both incorrect. Crosby did play on the third line with Cooke and Kennedy for some time when he came back, but the lines were juggled and then he began playing with his regulars. The first 7 games back, 2 of Crosby's goals were assisted by Dupuis, not Cooke or Kennedy. Staal assisted on a Cooke and Kennedy goal in those 7 games as well. As for Crosby's points you would also have to factor in the power play goals and assists Crosby gets with superior PP time. I don't think he had too many during that period, but those points were not gotten by his 3rd line play. To actually say that he played with particular linemates when he came back is incorrect and I was. As to who had it rougher compared to quality of competition and which players received the benefit of more offensive zone time..... http://www.pensburgh.com/2012/6/14/3085656/2011-2012-pittsburgh-penguins-player-usage-chart This would show, no matter what line Staal played on, he was still in defensive mode as Dan the man used him.
  7. Finally recovered from the trade. I have been over at the Pittsburgh NHL site and have read most of the posts dumping on Jordan Staal. There are still some supporters who respect his value and what he had done for the Pens, but they were in the minority and derided by the fellow board members. I was going to rant and rage about this on that board and this one, but I'll wait. I'll wait until Jordan Staal kicks butt with the Canes. Have been a Pens fan since I was a little kid(picked them because I liked penguins as an animal) and have stuck with them through the years, good and mostly bad. I understand sports teams are a business and rarely do I ever get attached to a certain player because they hardly ever stay with one team throughout their career. Franco Harris(showing my age), Rickey Henderson, and now Jordan Staal. Jordan is NOT a 1st line center yet. Well, He might be if you throw him into the fire right away, but I think another year in a scoring role as a 2nd line center would prove him out. He does seem uncomfortable on the wing, but might just need more time to adjust to a new role. As I look at it though, with Eric and Jordan on the team does it really matter? Keep them split up on different lines and you have what you need. Play them together when you need a rush. Put them on the PP together and watch them gel. Career high 50 points last year in 62 games. Give him some more PP time, better wings, and a full season? 60 points easy. 70 points probable. 80 points, not too far-fetched. He had Sullivan and Dupuis as wingers on the second line and did well with them. Not that they are scoring machines or anything. When Crosby came back in, back to third line with scoring machines, Kennedy and Cooke. His point production went down slightly, but he still kept going. Pk'er. Yes, he plays the PK well and is always a threat for a rush down the ice for a shorty. If you have a weaker PK, he will help out. Of course with more PP time, 2nd line minutes, and PK time, you would think he might get tired? The young man is a horse and will chew up those minutes like candy. I saw someone ask about Jordan being used in shootouts? Nope, not really a finesse guy. Pens have quite a few of those. Staal is more of a "holy crap, all 6' 4", 220 pounds is coming right at me" kind of scorer. On a rush, he blows by you or through you. Only chance is to try and slap the puck away because he sticks out that long arm and pushes D-men aside. He has developed quite a wrist shot the past 2 years as well. Jordan Staal is not a superstar(as of yet. he is young) and cannot carry a team on his back. He needs some supporting cast and will make the Canes a lot better. I have more info on him if you want, just ask. Oh, and I know that it would be merely speculation at this point, but Jordan Staal will sign with the Canes for a 5 to 7 year deal. He is playing in a system with 2 of his brothers and is sure as hell going to wait until Marc joins them. The Staal's are a very close family. The Canes are giving him what he wants, a bigger offensive role. He'll sign this summer for about 6 mil. Now that I will be watching and following the Canes a heck of a lot more closely, I need some info from you. Can I have a list if current roster players, positions, and a short synopsis on each of them? To know the team, you have to know the players. Also, information on the coach is a necessity. Thanks for any information you can provide. Go Canes!
  8. LOL! Some of the trade ideas I have seen are really silly. Staal is worth A first round pick, not THE first round pick. Still not written in concrete that a draft pick pans out, but 1 through 5 should at least be pretty damn solid. Fans love their players and overvalue them. I simply stated what the Pens are facing and what they would seem to be looking for. I never posed any trade ideas. I am really only familiar with 4 or 5 of your players, so how could I gauge something like that. Staal is not worth Nash trade value, nor Parise money. More like Carter. He is not a star. He is a great player, a team player, and very solid. As I stated before, I don't think it would be wise or correct to pay a king's ransom for 1 year of Jordan Staal with only a possibility of more. Someone IS going to do it if he makes it to the trading block. I came to your boards because Jordan did state he would like playing for Carolina if he was traded. I was curious and more than a little interested in seeing what Eric and Jordan could do together on a team. I wanted to know what Carolina might be able to put together to get Staal here. 3-way trades are rough and you REALLY would want a player to go to those lengths, but some have been done and were quite successful. I can see this option with possibilities. One of the above trade ideas above scared me though and has some truth to it. It was a bad trade idea, but not something I liked at all and I hope the Pens won't do it. Say no one wants to pick up Paul Martin's contract or the teams that will, Mr. Martin wants nothing to do with because of his limited NTC. How do you get someone to swallow such a nasty pill as his contract? You sugar coat that pill. You package him and his contract with something another team really wants. Packaging Staal with Martin to get his 5 mil off the books would suck and I don't think the Pens would do it. A person could really begin to dislike an organization that would do that to their favorite player. I would not believe those rumors either.
  9. You made it sound so simple. Not the case. Little difficulty moving Martin? He has a name for being a good defenseman, but his play last year was sub-standard. Believe me, I hope they can dump his salary on someone. $5 mil for an under-performing defenseman is a tough sell. He will have to agree to where he wants to be shipped. Minnesota? Maybe not. OK, they move him and Crosby and Staal are taken care of for this year. Did you look at when Malkin and Letang need to be signed? One year after Crosby and Staal. The Pens have to be looking ahead at their contracts as well. Letang will get a big raise from 3.5 million and well, Malkin will get one too. Staal can play on wing. He and Malkin are a trade off on center. Malkin is good at certain things and Staal is good at other. Who plays center? Staal is a team player though and will probably play wing if asked as long as he is on the 1a or 1b line the Penguins have.
  10. Yeah, sorry about the long post. Verdict is still out on how close his upside is to Eric on the offense. On defense, I would go Jordan. Eric is more of a playmaker than Jordan is though. Eric has more of a scoring touch. Jordan can get it done though. Pens PK was good(during the regular season) I can't tell you how many times Jordan was able to break away and get shots on goal during a PK. He did have a few shorties. Watch, someone will pay the price the Pens want. Teams will want him badly enough. I didn't say it would make sense, but some GMs will be willing to gamble on a player like Jordan. If JR holds out for a lower price, he will lose. Of course, this is all speculation, but I have seen some winner deals in the past and those GMs are still around.... Jordan is not about the money. I will have to find it, but he said that he would take less money if he could get greater responsibility. The team that gives him a shot at 1st or 2nd line duty really would have the inside track on getting a longer contract signed. I just hope it isn't someplace like Columbus. I would cheer, but die a little inside..... The problem with a Staal deal is that no one is going to be totally happy with the trade. Each team is going to have to give up something they don't want to, but have to in order to get done what they need to do. There are some really center starved teams out there that really would like to have Jordan Staal in their jersey. The Pens need a cheap compliment for Crosby and toughness on D. If he were on your team, wouldn't you rather keep Jordan? Unless.......your team had glaring holes that trading Staal would fix. Frankly, I think the whole situation is....poop.
  11. This is a very good question. A lot of people who are Pens fans will tell you he had his chance on the first line and he couldn't handle it. The setting.... Crosby went out with brain pain and Malkin went out with his knee injury. That left.......Staal. Where has he been for all his years in the NHL? On the third line playing defensive hockey. To expect him to step up and carry a team at the snap of a finger I think is unfair. "Well he played with Neal and couldn't get anything done." Neal had just been brought over at the trade deadline and was just learning how to play in the Penguin's system. Not a very accurate assessment. This year was his real first taste of offensive hockey with a semi-healthy team on the 2nd line with the Pens. He played well and showed some play making ability. And then Crosby came back.....third line again. Problem for me is that I REALLY can only compare him to centers I am really familiar with. When your other centers are Crosby and Malkin? He is not in their league. Crosby and Malkin can shine with skating poop on their wings. Staal needs a supporting cast and will make that cast better. So my answer... Not ready for first line duties yet. Another year of offensive hockey is needed before an accurate statement can be made. However..... How well would he play with his brother? Do brothers play better together? They could be a bigger, tougher(way tougher) version of the Sedin twins. I actually would love to see how that worked out. Throwing him on a first line with someone he grew up skating with might make him a first line center right away. Jordan is a center though, not really a wing. He can play wing, but is more comfortable on the ice as a center. Would Eric move to the wing for his younger brother?
  12. Sigh. Not expendable, just a cap room casualty. The Pens would love to have him back. Shero loves him. No money. If Martin gets moved, they will find a way to keep him. I can't say it will be interesting from my point of view. I very rarely get attached to a player on any of my sports teams. Everything is a business though and money makes things change. Problem is, when I really like a player, I usually follow them wherever they go. I am broken that way. Have liked the Pens since I was a kid and am not liking this situation at all. I am excited for Staal though. I really think he is overlooked and his skills are an aside on a team like the Pens. It would be nice to see him get more of the spotlight to see what he can really do. He would get that with Carolina.
  13. It all comes down to cap room and positioning. Neal just signed for 5 million a year and scored 40 goals. He is not going anywhere. Crosby 8.7 mil – UFA 2013-2014 season. Going to work on an early extension for him. Getting a raise and Pitt will never let him go unless he wants to leave. Malkin 8.7 Mil – UFA 2014-2015 Season. Had a great season as a mild understatement. Pitt will go after his contract extension because having 2 100 point scorers on a team is just, well,,,,,nice. Someone everyone forgets is Letang. Great defense man. Pitt’s best. He has a 3.5 mil contract and will be a UFA in the 2014-2015 season. He will be getting quite a raise when his contract comes around. Unfortunately, none of the above personnel are going to go anywhere if Pitt has anything to say about it. Their talent really cannot be replaced. Leaves Staal out there. He is not a star on the team and is only the 3rd line center. He plays tough minutes, but I am afraid the Pens will trade him and replace his skill set with 2 or 3 cheaper players. 3rd line checking centers can be found easily. Not with the point potential Jordan has, but with decent defensive skills. PKers can be found as well, again not with the same threat of a shorty though. Staal will never be the 2nd line center in Pitt because of Crosby and Malkin(Unless one gets injured). My only hope is that the Pens keep him around and put him on Crosby’s or Malkin’s wing. Big problem here is that the Pens don’t really need any more scoring. Crosby was out most of the year and the Pens still finished number 1 in goals scored. A full year of Crosby and you can rationalize that you don’t need Staal’s points. After all that babble my answer would be no, they can’t resign him. They might keep him for his last year, make a playoff run with him, and then let him go where he wants in free agency. The Pens have done that before, but………not really with anyone who can bring them a big return. This is a business and as cool as I think Shero is, if someone makes him a good offer, Staal will be shipped out. If Staal likes the place he is being sent, he would have no problem with signing an extension before he moves. Staal is a character guy. Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Letang, they all have a tendency to lose their cool. Staal takes it and keeps going. He would be a great asset to any team including the Pens, but money is money and there is not enough to go around. I am not putting Staal down by any means. He is a player that can do it all without having a chip on his shoulder, a great leader and locker room guy(he is the vocal guy in the locker room when Crosby is out), only going to be 24, keeps his cool, has over 70 playoff games under his belt, and he works hard. Mentioned for the Selke, Plays PK(Scores shorties) and PP(Scores there too on the second unit), good on faceoffs, and really doesn't take dumb *edit* penalties. He can't carry a team, but he sure as hell can lend a helping hand to a cup. He had a 50 point(25 goals, 25 assists) year(his highest) this year in 62 games. He did get some 2nd line minutes and it showed. When Crosby played? Back to 3rd line where his wingers are Cooke and Kennedy. Sheesh! Full season, better wingers, first power play unit, and full 2nd line duty? 60 points easy. 70 points not far fetched. 80....well maybe not. If he can't be signed by the July 1st, he will be available. Someone will pay for him this year. Waiting until next year for him to become a UFA will not be an option. A player with his skill set is hardly ever available on the market and someone will snatch him up. To think the Pens will not get a high price for him because he only has one year left on his contract is silly. Someone will pay through the nose for him and hope to sign him to an extension. I am not saying he is a Crosby, Malkin, Nash, or Parise on the market, but on certain teams with certain systems, he would be worth his weight in gold. To think he isn't worth a first round pick? Silly. There is NO guarantee that a draft pick will ever work out in the NHL. With Staal, you know what you have and he is only going to be 24. A few knocks on him are he doesn't really play against top flight defensive units on the third line. They are usually right, but he plays against the top flight offensive units. If he still puts up scoring while shutting down the top line of other teams, how can you really argue this position? He has been injured as of late. Nothing chronic though like a groin or hip or etc. Subban cut his foot with his skate(damn him) Deep infection from the cut on his foot(Damn PK again) Puck hit his wrist during practice. Broken. (Damn the fates) Knee injury. Knee on knee with Mike Rupp. (Damn Rupp's clumsy knee) Injured yes, but really fluky. The draft is in Pitt this year, so draft picks might be nice. The Pens need a big, stay at home defensman to clear pucks and excess bodies from the crease. Also, looking for a scoring winger to match with Crosby. Prospect? Maybe. The Pens are in a win now mode and can't really wait for development of talent. All of these pieces have to come cheaper than Staal of course. Of course, Paul Martin would probably be up for movement, but he has a No Trade Clause in his contract. All bets are off for Staal being moved if they can get Martin's number(5 mil) off the books. Just thought I would give you a little perspective from A Pen's fan. Sorry for too much babble and I hope I gave you a little more information than you had.
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