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  1. Keeping everyone in the Raleigh area in our prayers.
  2. *Sniff, sniff* Well, at least he will still be with the organization. I couldn't see him NOT being a part of the Hurricanes. I will miss him on the ice, but can't wait to see what JR has planned. *Bawling my head off now*
  3. I hope so. It would be an even sadder day than it already is if the organization didn't make a place for him. He's done a lot for this team over the years and he deserves it.
  4. I don't see where we got another 2nd round pick. And I think Pothier was just a giveaway to get Osala and the pick. Edit: NM, I see it now.
  5. Wow, this one blindsided me, but if it'll give Scotty a cup shot, so be it. I will miss him bunches, but would love to see him hoist the Cup.
  6. We definitely got more than I thought. I would like to see Matt come back after the season ends, but.................in this business you never know.
  7. The press conference is in 5 minutes, but here's the story...... http://www.charlotteobserver.com/topstories/story/1237388.html WOOHOO!!!!
  8. Here's another article I found about it.... http://www.troyrecord.com...70fa365dd63007510580.txt
  9. As a Canes fan near Charlotte, I am STOKED that we may get an AHL team here. No offense to the Checkers, but the cost of the tickets to their games is not worth it. We only get to a Canes game once or twice a year due to costs(cost of tickets, plus gas to drive up and back) so to be able to see a good game at a good price with minimal gasoline expended would definitely let us see quite a few games more than we can now. Don't get me wrong, we watch ALL the televised Canes games, but it's not the same as being there. To see the up-and-comers play live would be great. I could definitely say that if the cost is right, AHL season tickets could be in my future. Some of our friends feel the same way. I feel bad for Albany, but excited for us.
  10. No other hints about this? Anyone hear anything else???
  11. Could a thread make me laugh any harder?? No way!!!! This is the most hysterical thing I've seen in a while. Pssst........hey Edmonton, your losing streak has to come to an end sooner or later. You don't want everyone else thinking your tanking on purpose or anything.
  12. I'd be so ok with it. Having an AHL team down here would do so much for this town.
  13. Since I have one opinion, and you have another, caniac247.....lets just agree to disagree, period. I'm not getting into a contest of who's wrong or who's right.
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