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  1. One thing that has frustrated me is that they removed the shots total from the videoboard. It was there for the first preseason game, but it has not been there for the regular season. That was very helpful for the many areas of the upper deck that cannot see the shot boards due to banners or flags hanging in the way.
  2. I have tried that. I also tried just going to the NHL page and doing it from there. Still doesn't work.
  3. I appreciate all the hard work everyone has put into getting things working right, but I don't understand why the NHL felt the need to outsource this to KickApps when there are so many excellent forum softwares on the web that have been perfected. This software is so incredibly clumsy and bloated. Is anyone else having trouble editing their profile? Any time I go to 'My Home' it just keeps redirecting over and over and never actually makes it to the page. This happens in both Firefox and IE.
  4. If you are sitting in either of the ends, then yes, it is the same glass. This is because the ends take a much heavier beating than the sides, so seamless glass is not really possible there yet. I find it hard to believe that they would not clean the glass, but you may very well be right about that. One thing I will say is that even if they do clean them, they could get dirty fast. In warm-ups alone you've got tons of pucks hitting the glass and leaving marks. If you are sitting on the sides, then it is most definitely brand new seamless glass, and I have the photos to prove that. I can definitely see how people are a little misled by the word "seamless", though, although I do think it is an improvement over the metal stanchions.
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