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  1. He can replace Yelle's minutes which are minimal. The contract leaves us with no other option. He doesn't need to see the ice in any critical situations. Most players hang up their skates when they realize they can't compete, this time has come and gone for Rod and he is still earning 3.6 million a year.
  2. I am all for the "salvage the season" talk, each game I just say to myself "one win and we can get rolling" but at what point is it really worth trying to get on a run to still miss the playoffs. Now I know the season isn't over by any stretch, but we've gotten a pretty big crater to climb out of. The injuries are one thing, but team confidence is more crucial. Right now it's just too shaken. It's getting too painful to expect any kind of turnaround now. It almost makes more sense to use this season as a way to rebuild the foundation and renovate with some newer pieces. I normally don't like this kind of talk but when you look at teams like Philadelphia tanking a few years back and Colorado bombing last year, only to turn things around the next season. This idea is gaining more appeal to me. I don't know how stocked this year's draft is, but a #1 pick is a #1 pick. What is better? Play hard win a bunch of games and to only get 80 points OR trim some of the veteran fat, get younger and get another young gun to go along with Staal? I don't like to think about throwing in the towel, but maybe this makes a little bit of sense? Team will lose money this year (no doubt), but maybe it's a price to pay to go forward. I'll still be cheering hard for the Canes each game, but this is just something that's been bouncing around my head.
  3. One thing I didn't like at all was the game on Friday v.s Toronto. Brind'Amour took a pretty obvious holding call in a tie game which led to the go ahead power play goal. He's out on the ice the very next shift. Why not sit him down a shift or two? How about some accountability? He's the captain and as such should not be immune from such discipline, as a leader he should almost want to be an example that these types of mistakes shouldn't be tolerated... My frustrated two cents..
  4. As frustrating as this season has been so far I think there are a lot of valid points being thrown about on here. Here are some of my opinions... Staal is still hurt, it reminds me of the beginning of last season - he took a hard hit early v.s. the Kings and was playing hurt for a while. I think this might be the case, not that it's an excuse but it might explain a bit of his uneven play. He is a superstar in my honest opinion, he steps it up when the games count in the playoffs, he just needs to get back to being 100%. You can tell he's frustrated with his play, and he still has the fire. Missing Erik Cole has hurt, if you look at the first game and a half he played, he was very solid -skating well, driving the net and creating space for his line mates and drawing penalties. No one has really stepped up into this role, not sure that we have anyone with the blend of size/speed/skill to do it at this point. When he returns it should help out the offensive production. There is a lack of chemistry so far as well between the team, whether this is due to the lack of full team practices or a short pre-season or whatever you have to believe it will start to iron itself out. I think we need some more consistent lines and stick with them. Players have to want to step up and the constant line shake-ups might cause some of the loose/sloppy play. Our defense has been very uneven this year, I really like the play of Alberts and it's great to have Pitkanen back, but again Wallin has been a liability - it seems we're content having him in the top 6 because of his size, which is really too bad. We have better options out there than him, he cannot cover down low, he's awful at trying to transition and he makes poor decisions. His elevated ice time and pairing with Corvo is baffling to me. When was the last time the Canes had more than one rookie? Sutter was with the team last year for 50+ games - I'm talking some young blood - there is a risk to playing young guys, but I would think they should bring some new energy and intensity which is what we're been lacking. All my points are pretty generic and general, I still think this team has the potential to contend they just need to get it together and take the first step.
  5. Alberts have really given us a boost on the back-end that is for sure, I like his aggressive play and the added toughness he provides. A great pick up by JR. It seems to be the forwards taking a lot of the lazy penalties, hopefully they rectify this and quick. Big game tomorrow night!
  6. No point in bringing in someone who is past his prime and might do nothing but upset the chemistry in the dressing room.
  7. Thanks, my wife got our baby girl all dressed up and the picture was a surprise when I saw it. We take a lot of hassle living in Saskatoon, SK and being a 'Caniac' family.
  8. Cole was our best forward in the season opener, this hurts but 4-6 weeks is better than 4-6 months. Sturm gets a bump and they basically go off the handle, jump into a line brawl (with no instigators being called). Yet with no time left in this game they have no problem taking out a top 3 guy on our team. Funny Wideman wasn't on the ice after the hit. I'm interested to see if the refs call the instigators like they did against Gleason in game #1 or miss all the calls they did in game #2. Thornton going on the ice for the sole purpose of going after Alberts is not an instigator? This game was more out of hand and worthy of longer penalties to diffuse the situation. Oh well, the boys will have to shake it off and move on. 80 more games to make up for it.
  9. Mike Brophy is a moron, here's the proof: http://www.sportsnet.ca/h...iews_southeast_division/
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