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  1. As someone who has started rumors about this move for years, hoping that this would one day happen, I'm psyched. Having grown up in the Glens Falls area rooting for the Adirondack Red Wings, I'm sad that Albany will have to go through what G.F. did when the Wings left. I wonder if the AHL is betting on the Phantoms success once the Rats leave town. I remember those great games in the G.F. Civic Center back in the 80's. That place was standing room only and LOUD!!! Or, I wonder if the Phantoms will move down 87 to relocate in Albany. We here in Charlotte have an ECHL team, but Charlotte is NOT an ECHL town. With over 1.75 million people in the metro, many of whom are NE transplants, the AHL will do very well here. It makes sense for the Canes who will consolidate Caniac nation in North Carolina, where it can grow Canes loyalty in the Western region of the state (Charlotte/Hickory/Asheville). I hate it for Albany, but love it for Charlotte. We'll get to see the best young talent the organization has and then root them on in Raleigh when they get called up.
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