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  1. did you miss me ?? A cantankerous Alex Ovechkin said he isn't going to change and the suspension has only made him mad. from times twitter
  2. I wasn't defending him, the hit didn't deserve 10 games. Nor did it deserve one more than what ever he was going to get Ovechkin has played like this since day one (in fact if you look at the AO DVD put out by the CAPS, I would say he was MORE reckless his 1st year and has toned it down alot) NHL didn't create or allow anything - the only thing that has changed is guys trying to avoid his open ice and hits along the board...guess he can't always pull up that quick, so he'll get some suspensions I suppose....I hope he does change his game so he lasts longer and scores more....I suspect he won't much...(BTW we have plenty of fans on our both of our boards from other teams with different opinions...not really that big a deal) This afternoon] Sovietsky Sport correspondent Pavel Lysenkov spoke by telephone with Alex Ovechkin's mother, Tatiana Ovechkina, who was in Moscow. "That defenseman Gleason should wear glasses when he's out on the ice!" said mama Ovechkin indignantly. "So he can see what's happening on the ice and have time to coordinate his moves. He even came back and played the rest of the game, and here Sasha could have been seriously injured." "This is how I saw it: The defenseman got the puck, and Sasha went towards him to try and force a turnover. At that moment another Carolina player skated by him and blocked his view..." "Again, Gleason should get him some rose or dark colored glasses. Or contact lenses. He shouldn't be staring at the ice, looking at the color of his laces or the puck. You can't play like that! A hockey player has to keep his head up! And my son was out the rest of the game..." Like in the Buffalo game. That was also a crazy situation, and Kaleta didn't even get injured. "They're all alive and healthy, and Sasha is expelled. Is that fair?" Was Alexander seriously injured? "I'm not going to talk about it. Ask him about it." Is there a risk that he'll miss the Olympics? "I don't think so. Knock on wood."
  3. I don't think you need to run and gloat, and just cause one or 2 posters thinks he shouldn't be suspended, the great majority, including blogs agree he should. He's not a dirty player, he should not get 10 games. The other knee on knee's (some resulting in injuries) got nada....his boarding was the 2 minute variety. Lots was made of it, he got 2 games, he'll come back hitting in 3 games......
  4. We have unofficial boards, and most of the folks there thought it was reckless, but not intentional. Watching the replay in super slo mo, his knee was already out (in fact watching him for many years, it usually is, even while just skating esp. when making turns) and he was leaning his shoulder in.... Don't think anyone is "defending" him, but I think the hysteria might not be warrented either. A game or two will happen after the press it has received. It is amazing the players he's being compared too though, folks that went through their career intent on injurying others.....I wish he would focus more on scoring and making others around him better, maybe he could get 1/2 way through the 13 year contract..... i've seen at least 10 knee on knee's this year that were worse, so its a two headed snake, the amount of attention "this" gets....b/c he is Ovechkin. and I'll defend the last boarding 5 major, that was a normal, every night, 2 minute boarding.....not trolling and won't be back, just one CAP fans opinion....hope Corvo gets better soon, one of my fav. D men to watch......
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