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  1. Thanks. I use to be on the boards all the time before they changed them a year or two back. Didn't like the change but I think i will start stating my opinion more...
  2. ...and Philly sure is happy to take our INCOMPETENTLeighton aren't they? Just shows what someone can do if they get toplay more like he should have here....and one more thing, I wouldreally like to see Cole be one of the 50% that leaves. He constantlystays hurt. We never should have recycled him in the first place.
  3. I hope Leighton does well. For some reason he has always been my favorite player and i thought with some playing time he could have been better and that looks like the case for him in Philly. Its hard to sit 20 games in row and then come in and start and before you all start saying it, yes I know that was his job to be a backup but maybe his real job is to be a starter. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Oh really?? How do you know that and what gives you any indication that this team is better than that?
  5. Losing in overtime is still a loss...and also getting a point in O.T. is a joke also....You lose you lose, no point.
  6. [quote name='Faceoff-ch1 wrote: fpsndiver wrote: weehawk']1) Pitkanen should be the first to go. There is no effort from him at all. Even my 13 yr old who has no interest in hockey said..."Dad, why is that guy just standing there? Shouldn't he be skating or something? I respectfully and sternly disagree with that. You and your 13 year old are mistaken. Pitkanen is one of the only members playing so far this year. He was standing around at the San Jose game behind the goal because A. Ward was out of position, not giving Pits any options on moving the puck out. Furthermore, Ward had the opportunity to skate the puck out, and dumped it back to Pikanen who was double covered. Yup. Not only one of our best players but definitely our best D man. He is not on my long list of available players. Perhaps that was perfect time to explain to your 13 year old, who you admitted knows nothing about hockey, a few facts about skating ability. He's one of, if not the best on our team. Pitkanen the first to go??? Are you kidding me? Like the above said...he is one of the few bright spots for us...Come on people and wake up!
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