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  1. Just speaking for me, I'm definitely excited about having the 'Canes' AHL affiliate in CLT as I normally go to 8 to 10 games a year. The Checkers have a loyal fan base and although technically this will be a different team, we love our franchise name Checkers as it has a special meaning especially for me who became a fan as a kid watching the Checkers. A little history, this became our team name in 1956 when the Baltimore Clippers relocated here until the late 70s. Then when hockey returned in the 90s, the Checkers name was revived. While, I don't think it's official, I think, or at least hope, we are keeping our team name. Charlotte River Rats--I don't think so, but we'll adjust if necessary. Anyway, I'm looking forward to next season and seeing some hot young players just a "heart-beat" away from the NHL. Good luck to the AHL Charlotte "Checkers," thank you to the ECHL Charlotte Checkers, and bless your heart Carolina Hurricanes!
  2. I'm stoked about the AHL coming (maybe) to Charlotte. I just hope we keep the Checker name itself which has a history from the early days of hockey in Dixie. Also, the Time-Warner Arena is a nice venue, very much like the RBC Center.
  3. Well, I'm stoked Captain. That's two in a row. I just want the Canes to play well the rest of the season and rebuild for next year.
  4. Well, at least it was an OT loss. I'm thinking of peronally hiring them a Feng Shei coach.
  5. My ISP is superfast, yet this site does run a little slower than others. Sadly, I just can't understand why it's been loss after loss. Better hockey analysts than me may know. I'm just sick of North Carolina having such poor pro teams this year. Even my beloved Charlotte Checkers acted like a bunch of goons at the end of last Thursday's game. Is there any other magic we can think of to help the Heartbreaker Canes out of their funk?
  6. I've added it to my RSS feeds.
  7. Yes I love Ward too. It's great about the sweet deal the organization and he signed today.
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