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  1. ok yeah why are they wearing the home colors?? I am confused The Leafs are wearing their 3rd jersey, which is a white jersey. thus forcing us to wear our home reds on the road.
  2. I saw that one too - any idea if the Pens are still doing it given their recent shootout woes?
  3. Per ESPN's UniWatch, the NHL is sticking with home darks. http://sports.espn.go.com:80/espn/page2/st...ge=lukas/070122
  4. 3 Canes: 1) Erik Cole 2) Cam Ward 3) Mike Commodore 3 Pens: 1) Sidney Crosby 2) Marc-Andre Fleury 3) Maxime Talbot Across the NHL: 1) Aaron Ward 2) Jarome Iginla 3) Johan Hedberg NHLers Past: 1) Ron Francis 2) Mario Lemieux 3) Wayne Gretzky
  5. Originally from Columbia, SC here, but I'm a Raleigh resident due to grad school. Should y'all come up give me a heads-up, as I'd be glad to meet up.
  6. Reportedly Kessel has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. http://cbs4boston.com/local/local_story_345230707.html If this is the case, my prayers and wishes to Kessel and his family for a speedy and complete recovery.
  7. 1. Carolina Hurricanes 1. Pittsburgh Penguins 3. Nashville Predators 4. Vancouver Canucks 5. Anaheim Ducks
  8. I should point out that in my advice to get NHL '07 for the PC I definitely didn't mean to install it in the stock configuration. Go to a site like Double Minor which has an excellent community of artists, programmers, and the like doing the job that EA should be doing to start out with - making the game as realistic as possible while still not shutting out the casual gamer. I came upon Double Minor last year and it made all the difference in me choosing not to resell NHL '06 at a used game shop. Some of the artists, especially the ones who specialize in goalie gear, are just amazing.
  9. Nope, they moved to Augusta, GA where they're currently the Augusta Lynx. I've seen IceCaps merchandise around but it's few and far between, unfortunately.
  10. Personally I'd go with the PC version of NHL '07 - lots of skins/mods/expansions out there to jazz it up and also make the AI something of an actual challenge to play against.
  11. In last night's Boston at Toronto game, I noticed that Boston as the road team was wearing their dark jerseys and Toronto was wearing white at home. Do teams have an option to wear white at home? Do they need League approval? Or is this just another one of those 'the Leafs can do whatever they want' things? What you saw was Toronto wearing their 3rd jersey. Toronto's 3rd jersey is white (as is Montreal's - the only two teams in the league to do so) so those would be the only two exceptions to the "home darks" rule
  12. I also don't think it's weird at all - growing up I loved all things Pittsburgh, still do. Yet I've never lived near/around the Steel City. But come baseball and footbal season I'm cheering the Pirates and the Steelers and, come hockey season my allegiences are split between the 'Canes and the Pens. Like a lot of little boys I learned about sports and watched sports with my Dad. Dad grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania and was a devoted Pittsburgh fan. Not only that, but when I was growing up there was this amazing hockey player who wore black and gold named Mario Lemieux. I'd love to visit the 'Burgh at some point, go to a game at PNC, Mellon, or Heinz Field, but the South's my home and I'll always love my 'Canes too.
  13. 1. Philadephia 2. New Jersey 3. New York Rangers 4. Buffalo 5. Washington What can I say - growing up a Penguins fan, one tends to put more hate on divisional rivals. Buffalo I dislike due to Lindy Ruff's whining last season as well as the arrogance of that fanbase. Washington I dislike as I'm a bit tired of hearing about the greatness of Alexander Ovechkin. I do like Olaf Kolzig though
  14. Definitely the red and in general, I prefer dark home colors. Since they are your team colors, it just makes sense to me to wear them at home. Besides that it allows us fans to be more creative come playoff time instead of every single fanbase in the league doing a "whiteout" at home. As an aside, as has been previously mentioned, the league hasn't "always" had white homes prior to the switch in '02. The 1951-1952 season was the first year the NHL mandated that all teams had to wear a certain color at home and a certain color away (prior to that, teams could pretty much do what they want, although all but Chicago went with darks at home). Since then here's how it's gone down: 1951-1955 - Home Whites 1955-1970 - Home Darks 1970-2002 - Home Whites 2002-present - Home Darks
  15. Garnetpalmetto


    When I got back from the game last night, the roommates were out procuring a Wii. They played a bit of Wii Sports, but the graphics for Zelda were amazing. Didn't get a chance to try out the controller to see how intuitive it is, but while they were playing bowling in Wii Sports, it looked fairly straightforward - lift up the controller, as you do a bowling ball before you release, and then move the controller as if you were actually releasing a bowling ball.
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