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  1. Part 1 1) Who scores the first goal of the season? Jiri Tlusty 2) Who scores the first assist (primary assist only if there are 2)? Eric Staal 3) Who takes the first penalty of the season? Justin Faulk 4) What will that penalty be for? tripping 5) Who scores the first PP goal? Alex Semin 6) Who has the first fighting major of the season? - Westgarth Part 2 1) What will the Canes record be on and including Feb 12th?(after the first 12 games) 7-3-2 2) How many games will our back up goalie have played by and including Feb 12th? 2
  2. I just received my tickets in the mail..... oh wait no I didn't. Does anyone remember about what time they usually come. I'm sure it would have been by now. I guess we don't get them because they know there will be a lockout and they don't want to waste money printing them. Oh well.
  3. no feelings were hurt in the creation of this thread. It's just another glaring example of how we are going to have a long off-season and that we'll have to pull for someone else to win the cup. Here are some possible name changes to consider. How can we fix this mess thread Hold this thread while the playoffs walk away The Big Picture and my personal favorite MacroCaniacenomics we could also change the in between game thread to MicroCaniacenomics Ok I am done hijacking this thread. Proceed.
  4. I'm glad to see that Stewart is getting a chance on the top line, he has been playing well lately, hopefully it can continue tonight against the Rangers. Should be a fun crowd tonight.
  5. This is a very interesting thread, however I think it is a bit ridiculous that on the first day of March, with over a month left of the season, the first thing I see on the message board is about the off-season. I think 5 months with this thread pinned at the top of list will be too much. Why are we making it 6? I don't expect it to be moved or anything, it's just sad. Carry on.
  6. So, which dman do you suppose we go get? And who do we trade to get them? Cuz there aren't any ufa's that fit this description, so it would have to be a trade. Just wondering what if you were thinking of anyone in particular.
  7. Realistically the next time the sabres lose three in a row and the canes win three in a row, we will be in. Unless of course we then lose three and buffalo wins three, therein we will be out. Unless we finish with 3 in a row with them losing three in a row, in which case we will be in and the season will actually be over for buffalo. See how this works? its not over till the end or until the points arent there to be earned. there is no point in saying the season is over until it is, no matter how bad you think our team is or is going to play. unless of course thats just an opinion, which is fine, but opinion isn't fact, so....stop talking like it is. like my man KG once said ,"ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  8. you're just being pissy cuz the dookies threw in the towel with 15 minutes to go last night, As long as the Canes have a chance I believe they can do it. I will put no faith in the fact that buffalo is better than us, not today and not ever.
  9. 1) Record for the remaining 10 games: 8-1-1 2) Will the Canes make the playoffs? yes
  10. the irony of this post makes me laugh. hard to be glass half empty when either way "your team" is gonna get in.
  11. Well, i would agree with that to but i think it is in the rules that there cannot be 3 consective posts in agreement, so i disagree with you, flip flopper.
  12. I actually think it is the opposite, I think he just needs a dman who can hold his own and not continually make mistakes for which Joni has to cover for. If he had a partner in which he could trust more he could more freely attack and would better contribute to the offense getting the puck in the zone.
  13. Especially if we finish 8th and get philly in the first round.
  14. It is a tough situation because we need every point we can get, and with our defense and the amount of shots they give up, it will be tough to go with peters over ward. Not that peters is terrible or anything, but Cam is one of the best and you know what you are going to get with him. He has also shown that he can play long stretches of time without a break, so it seems like he needs to be playing. I think he'll get friday off, and probably next saturday against columbus, but after that I expect he'll play every game the rest of the way.
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