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  1. Yes now the canes have won 5 in a row and are second to last but wen i posted this that wasnt the case
  2. [quote name='UNCCaniac8 wrote: JakeTheCaniac wrote: dean_10523']How about "PLAY TO WIN" no matter what!? It's what they are paid to do and what the fans want. I, for one, don't spend thousands of dollars on season tickets expecting them to lose. well put i agree totalyI agree too----as we trade a few more players it will get more difficult to continue the streak---but we fans want to see a good effort. Like tonight, I love beating playoff contenders, who may underestimate us. That, alone, is worth the ticket price ! ya i was at the maple leaves game on nov. 19, and who really cares if they werent the best team? they put up a good fight and though they were down 3-0 early, they put up a good fight and in the end won. as for the rest of the season, they are putting up a good fight, playing against the odds, and wether they make the playoffs or not, the games are good. dont give up on our team yet caniacs
  3. Its not possible to get a good trade if we loose whitney. we are having problems this season, yes, but wut in that makes you think its a good idea to trade our best players? If jim rutherford wants to screw up our team, thats his decision, but trading someone like ray will lose a lot of fans which is wut is most important
  4. Not gonna happen man Ruutu is on contract til next season and i have a feeling they wont hesitate to sign another one without even considering a trade
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