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  1. Tuomo, hope you have a quick recovery from your surgery and that your shoulder is feeling better soon. I love watching you play so much. You truly love what you do, and it shows. I'll miss Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuing at the remaining home games this season, for sure. keep smiling, because next season is going to be awesome, and you and your little Finnish buddies are going to be a huge part of that. haake palle!
  2. Here's some new stuff from hockeyleaks today: The Vancouver Canucks are shopping one of their top prospects, Cory Schneider, in hopes of improving their defensive depth. The team would love a puck moving defenseman and would be willing to part with Schneider, who is NHL ready but stuck behind Luongo, to add one. Teams possibly in the mix include Atlanta, Carolina and NYR. Wallin was the first of many to go in Carolina. Next up will be Ray Whitney, who wants a new contract wherever he goes. Boston, LA and Phoenix are the teams I'm hearing currently. The Canes want a first round pick OR a good prospect in return. The final deal will likely involve a first round pick and a mid-level prospect. Matt Cullen is also very much available, and at this point I'd be surprised if Ottawa didn't acquire him. They've been talking to Carolina about Cullen for almost two months. The asking price is somewhere around a 2nd round pick. With Cam Ward going down for the possibly the season, some wonder if Carolina will pick up a goalie to finish out the year. While it's possible, I expect them to finish the year with Legace and Peters.
  3. with Wallin going to the sharks, how about devin setoguchi in return?
  4. Well, the game was well worth going to. I was impressed, the almost 7,000 (3500 were blackhawk fans) got the building going quite a bit, although when it was quiet, it was really quiet. And after the game, we walked outside to find it snowing again, making it the perfect evening. In my opinion it was well worth the risk of going, it was just funny hearing in the radio on the way "the dot says not to go out unless it is absolutely necessary" and I'm like, "yes it is!" 40 was in pretty bad condition, luckily it was frozen solid and packed down. (our driver is from up north, so it actually went very smoothly) What is usually about a 15 minute drive took nearly an hour. I don't plan on driving anywhere at all until the roads are completely clear, though-
  5. "Great hockey weather in the Triangle. For those concerned, tonight's game will proceed as scheduled. Drive safely" is all that the Canes are saying now, (on twitter). For those concerned...I think we're all concerned, I just hope nobody gets hurt trying to go. The RBC Center website says that all events today are going as planned. I'm just watching the clock, because at some point, I'll have to make the decision whether to walk, drive, etc. Everyone who's going drive safely.
  6. http://www.wral.com/weath...4100/?id_related=3297567 here's Greg Fishel talking about what game-time conditions could be like tomorrow- everything outside is now white, I am just extatic about what the road conditions will be like tomorrow. Just stay snow, please. For everyone who is planning to drive to the game tomorrow: Be extremely careful, and slow, and watch out for pedestrians (like myself) who will be walking...
  7. I'm in Raleigh- 20 minutes from the RBC Center, and I just-this-second went out to investigate as I was hearing loud wooooos from the neighbors, and sure enough little snowflakes were falling already. Gradually it has picked up, and now little white flakes are crackling and blowing around. I'm not sure when the heavy snow was supposed to start (wasn't thinking til at least past 10:00 sometime) but wanted to report that it is indeed snowing right now. The game should be fine (even if I have to walk) but if there is ice, it might be to dangerous to drive/walk at all. The Canes twitter is reporting that the blackhawks got here a while ago, so it appears that game is on. What to do now...
  8. It certainly isn't looking good right now, and you can bet that the snow amount will be off by at least 5", one way or another-- (only good thing is that this is proof that Raleigh can host a winter classic someday... Has anyone called the RBC center or gotten any word about what would be done in the event that many of us might not be able to go? I'm torn in half- snow and going to see the canes are my 2 favorite things in the world, and neither happens very often at all! WRAL reports as of today: Games are on as hockey weather approaches If you’re yearning for hockey weather, you’ll get it Saturday. A winter storm will pound the Triangle with six inches – and perhaps more - of snow, to be followed by wintry mix and freezing conditions. And you’ll get a hockey game, too. The Carolina Hurricanes play the Chicago Blackhawks Saturday at 7 p.m., and the game is still scheduled to be played. The Blackhawks were scheduled to be in Raleigh Friday afternoon and all but one of the officials calling the game was in town as well. N.C. State and North Carolina Central play a basketball game at the RBC Center earlier in the day, at 2 p.m. That game is also scheduled to be played, a Wolfpack official said Friday. Duke is playing Georgetown at 1 p.m. on WRAL-TV. That game is at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. The Blue Devils were leaving Durham Friday for the game. North Carolina is at home against Virginia on Sunday night at 7:45 p.m. at the Smith Center in men's basketball.
  9. I know they salt the main roads and try to take care of things, but once it starts iceing, you never know what'll happen. There also aren't enough snow plows to clear all the roads quickly last I remembered. The whole city could be "shut down"... Maybe they should hold the game outside! greg fishel was talking about 7 inches..."not etched in stone" I hope you're able to get to the game and home safely-
  10. Sticking to the Ray Whitney theme...Hockey leaks reports that the Canucks also have shown interest in Ray. cory schnieder may be abailable-- but don't know anything about him or what the Canucks could give in return.
  11. I seem to recall last year they collected 3 cans of food for a buy one get one voucher. The voucher is good for the upper level (excluding upper goal zone) and for lower level south, north and sideline premier. This was last year, but it looks to be the same for this year. Last year I collected over 100 cans of food for the Canes, but didn't end up being able to go to the game. It is a great thing though.. and you can't go wrong with a free ticket
  12. Not sure if this was posted yet... but I got a pretty good laugh out of what Ovechkin's mother had to say about the hit: http://www.japersrink.com/2009/12/1/1181277/mama-ovechkin-gleason-needs-to-get "That defenseman Gleason should wear glasses when he's out on the ice!" said mama Ovechkin indignantly. "So he can see what's happening on the ice and have time to coordinate his moves. He even came back and played the rest of the game, and here Sasha could have been seriously injured." "This is how I saw it: The defenseman got the puck, and Sasha went towards him to try and force a turnover. At that moment another Carolina player skated by him and blocked his view..." "Again, Gleason should get him some rose or dark colored glasses. Or contact lenses. He shouldn't be staring at the ice, looking at the color of his laces or the puck. You can't play like that! A hockey player has to keep his head up! And my son was out the rest of the game..." Like in the Buffalo game. That was also a crazy situation, and Kaleta didn't even get injured. "They're all alive and healthy, and Sasha is expelled. Is that fair?" Was Alexander seriously injured? "I'm not going to talk about it. Ask him about it." Is there a risk that he'll miss the Olympics? "I don't think so. Knock on wood."
  13. Well, as far as Rod Brind'Amour, as Captain, he needs to find a way to lead this team. The hard part is that there are 2 ways to lead. One is bringing the absolute best out of others and the other is to lead by simply being the best. Rod, in his 'glory days' led this team by being the best, in everything. Stripping him of his 'C' won't do much good, because he'll still be on the team. All the "staal plays better when brind'amour is not around" theories, whether they're true or now, wouldn't even kick into effect. Trading him away without him asking is something that I just don't see happening. The new leadership role brind'amour plays needs to be clear. As much as I like Rod Brind'Amour, it saddens me to see him skating circles around the ice when the team is "trying" to protect a 1 goal lead in a close game, killing a penalty in a really close game, etc. So, that leadership goal needs to be redefined for Captain. (Perhaps he could just stay off the ice and be pete friesen's assistant?) and now for Mo... Inorder to compete, any coach in the league has to have total committment from his players. With Maurice's system, one of the reasons it was effective last spring down the stretch and into the playoffs was because, instead of sitting around "trapping" the other team, the Canes were doing the same thing by attacking the other team. As long as that attack was there, they were arguable the best team in the league. There was a tremendous amount of passion, grit, determination, all those nice words, and attack with the Canes. They trusted eachother and knew that if they played that way, they would always have a chance at winning. Now it seems as if the attack, passion and determination are gone, and all that is left is an out of proportion trust that by sitting around and playing just the plain old Mo system + nothing else = 2nd half of last season
  14. I think Legace's doig ok in net. I guess we've all been spoiled watcing Cam Ward! Especially over the past few games, Legace's looked a whole lot better, I guess just a matter of adjusting to the speed and skill, but every time the opposition enters our zone, "watch out Manny" is yelled at my tv. He doesn't seem to have that calm presence back there in the net, which is something you can really see. Also, the defensemen infront of him could be a bit better... The only thing that really bothers me is the angles he faces shots with. It seems when play is going on or coming out of the corner, he turns himself all the way to the right or all the way to the left, leaving a wide wide 100% of the net open. Anyone else notice that?
  15. Well, let's hope the win yesterday will help the cause. Kepp an eye out for me going down Glenwood during rushhour. I'll have all the flags!
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