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  1. 'Canes vs Blue Jackets, Oct. 10th, TUE, 7 p.m.

    Pretty even game, except for anxious span in 3rd where Jackets really took it to us. Both goals in regulation were type we're not likely to see often. Nice to see 4 capable lines rolled and no defensive weakness, including the bottom pairing. Fun OT until it ended.
  2. Opening Night 2017, Wild at Canes, Oct 7, 7:30 PM

    Thought it was nuts when Eric was so loudly boo'd. Should have been thunderous cheer. Was thinking "money" once he was announced as their 3rd. Yep, he delivered
  3. Opening Night 2017, Wild at Canes, Oct 7, 7:30 PM

    Awesome GDT sir! Canes site says 7:00 start, not 7:30. Don't be late.
  4. New Captain Poll

    Been fun reading all the posts about co-captains. First we all demonstrate how little we know by whiffing on the choice(s). Then we all post about possible motives or why it was done. Hmmmm. Glad the games start for us tomorrow and we can report on what our own eyes see.
  5. New Captain Poll

    SWAG. Have no idea.
  6. New Captain Poll

    Slavin for C
  7. New Captain Poll

    IMO it'll be Slavin. Just a hunch.
  8. 2017 Traverse City Prospects Tourney

    Necas goal was very nice. Saucer pass, return, tap in. Kuok was PP from above the circle with net front presence for a nice screen.
  9. 2017 Traverse City Prospects Tourney

    Yep. Game on. Using Roku and large screen. Outshot 16-4, but leading 2-0 after 1.
  10. New Captain Poll

    I like it. I'm not ready for talk of any loser. I think we feel the same way. I just couldn't say "sore winner." Gracious came to mind, but not a prerequisite. Just the W part.
  11. New Captain Poll

    ...gracious winner.
  12. How Would You Improve the Arena Game Experience?

    See, I knew you'd come through!
  13. Carolina Hurricanes Sold (or not)

    I would expect any comparison by you of spend on Canes to be compared to $$$ on beverages. Please provide further info....
  14. Carolina Hurricanes Sold (or not)

    The guy should read his own material. He doesn't make sense, business wise or street wise.
  15. How Would You Improve the Arena Game Experience?

    My nomination for the video collection The one, and only, the original... that led to our signature goal celebration: 1. Short version 2. The story behind it