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  1. Had do pay that price with the injuries we have. I'd rather not see the org quit on the team.
  2. We needed a substitute for Hanifin's -19 this year. They'll battle it out for supremacy in 2020.
  3. Merry Christmas fellow Caniacs. Best wishes to all for the New Year and a return visit by SC to NC in 2020.
  4. I recall him standing out when we played them. Might have been speed, perhaps his work along the boards. I don't recall specifically what it was, but welcome aboard (pending Faulk's outcome).
  5. Excellent point Top. However, I'll add my view about Habs/Bergevin. IMO it is more of TD being the outsider as owner (not so much about Waddell as GM). Bergevin may have thought why not take a poke/shot at Carolina thinking opinion up north was on his side. Why not a low ball Offer Sheet to insult him, or check his wallet (in his mind). Nothing to lose, right? I think he miscalculated and may not get that earful, but the other GMs likely have empathy for Waddell. Yes ill will to Habs and their idiot GM.
  6. IMO the Montreal offer was weak and easily matched. If they REALLY wanted him they would have pressed harder into the next category of two 1st rounders + 2nd and 3rd. Their lowball attempt is as bad as the one from DW/TD. If Aho's agent had any talent he would have pressed Habs for that (show me the money/picks). Canes just take the deal and let it play out over next 5 years. Everyone is damaged here. DW/TD for not getting it done sooner, Habs for meddling and lowball, Agent for losing getting less and mostly Aho who now has major questions when measured vs Roddy's "What it takes to be a Hurricane." As fo the room, I suspect the players side with Aho to get the best deal for him. They all face that prospect and likely have empathy.
  7. Who knows what offer was made such that Aho's rep informed Waddell last Friday there would be no counter. Either way (low offer, no counter) it is bad mojo for the organization. Plenty of anger across the board is justified. Personally, I never want anyone who doesn't want to be on the team - period. Let Habs stew for 7 days and sign him. Then you control what happens to him anytime over the next 5 years. As for the Habs, I'd trade him to a division rival of theirs before dealing him to Montreal. He'd look better in a blue.
  8. Bingo. Excellent point. I'm not sure who to add/subtract, but have great confidence in Roddy to sort it out. I don't believe his rookie season as HC was a one hit wonder. He's delivered for Dundon/Waddell. I expect them to reciprocate.
  9. Wait, what was the original question?
  10. I'll consider for a moment listening to an elder wearing a Storm trooper jacket. Times Up! Storm troopers have no chance vs Storm Surge from the South.
  11. Especially on us. Canes did ok this year getting Martinook, dropping McGinn to 3rd and nursing rookies along mostly on lines 3 and 4 until recently. However, getting seasoned vets (or at least 1) to anchor those guys should be a top priority. Those depth players won't break the budget, but cost more. That spend is needed.
  12. Maybe we should talk about the half empty uniform when he had a cup of coffee here. Had nowhere near as much energy here as he did elsewhere.
  13. Can you provide a percent probability? I just want to see it
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