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  1. Bingo. Excellent point. I'm not sure who to add/subtract, but have great confidence in Roddy to sort it out. I don't believe his rookie season as HC was a one hit wonder. He's delivered for Dundon/Waddell. I expect them to reciprocate.
  2. Wait, what was the original question?
  3. I'll consider for a moment listening to an elder wearing a Storm trooper jacket. Times Up! Storm troopers have no chance vs Storm Surge from the South.
  4. Especially on us. Canes did ok this year getting Martinook, dropping McGinn to 3rd and nursing rookies along mostly on lines 3 and 4 until recently. However, getting seasoned vets (or at least 1) to anchor those guys should be a top priority. Those depth players won't break the budget, but cost more. That spend is needed.
  5. Maybe we should talk about the half empty uniform when he had a cup of coffee here. Had nowhere near as much energy here as he did elsewhere.
  6. Can you provide a percent probability? I just want to see it
  7. I have no idea what I'll do now since I can no longer gripe about Rask floating around and NEVER winning a puck battle along the boards. Welcome aboard Nino!
  8. I'd like to see him grow by playing with Staal and Williams.
  9. I'll disagree on the highlighted point after last night. I think he has a major flaw in not getting his pads down on the ice. All 3 goals went through the 5 hole and 2 specifically due to the pad not being down (the other was poor technique). I find that worrisome and really hope he pans out, but know he won't unless that gets fixed. I'm a little more optimistic about the team's future than the sound of several posts. Hope I'm right. Go Canes!
  10. Congrats! Was really hoping a pick of "Nobody" for 1st goal wouldn't happen. Thanks Rem for running the contest.
  11. Since the season hasn't started I'll remain in the wishful category with Faulk. IMO he has the talent and my wish is that Roddy holds him accountable and he returns to the player he once was. I may be in a minority on that, but believe it can happen.
  12. IMO a little harsh. Gauthier has looked good. Necas is fine and will benefit from higher skilled players on ice. He's fit nicely with Svechnikov, who is heads above anyone else out there.
  13. Good response to end 2nd but bad trip for a deserved 2 minutes by Saarela
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