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  1. This is what it has come to: Dear fans, we quit. From, your Carolina Hurricanes. Quitters. That defines several guys. Quitters are cowards. They don't want to be here and shouldn't. Whatever...(right)
  2. An Open Letter to Tom Dundon

    I went to work today and showed up at 7PM vs Oilers. Several of the guys on this team did neither. Will you now stand with quitters? That should be unacceptable for anyone wearing the uniform of this team. Your merchandise will stand for quitters. Quitters are cowards and the organization needs to purge them. They're clearly saying I don't want to be part of your franchise. Accommodate them!
  3. Another Western team comes here and smokes them with more speed and energy
  4. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Other than the "thought it was time to go" you've described a classic flaw of a failed leader. Stand back and admire your work and surely everyone should see how right you are as you lose sight of the goal. However, the flawed leader seldom sees it is their "time to go" but defends the work they've done.
  5. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    I'm not worried about TD turning things around. I haven't seen enough to worry. Make the necessary GM and coach changes. I think that will get more out of the many players who have underperformed, or given up hope. Yes, the GM/Coach have their work ahead of them, but there is a core set of talent that is sufficient to work with. Hopefully the hunger in Charlotte materializes into a few guys that can play. This season was lost in the February homestand. RF just clinched it at the deadline and deserved the early axe. The losses hurt less now as the schedule thankfully ends soon.
  6. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Is salary in U.S. or Canadian?(insert little sarchasm thingy here)
  7. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    When in the starting lineup Justin Williams stands on the blue line near the boards of the penalty box side. He's far away from the other players who stand mostly closer to the Canes bench. Has that always been the case with him? He's done it all season, but I just don't recall if he did so when last here (or elsewhere). If it is just a quirky thing, then fine. Looks odd, but I don't want to draw any conclusion. Anyone?
  8. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    This one's view is formed and one to which I'm entitled. haphazard it is. I've seen obvious combinations of slow or defensively challenged players out there together (cough .. Ryan, Skinner..cough) and if I'm not mistaken Faulk as the sole defender out there with them. My thought is "we're done" and sure enough we are shortly afterward. ok, maybe it is partly planned, like when they start defensively. Two defenders and Jordan, or Lindholm. Not a way to start 3v3 IMO (on your heels). Playing not to lose is a losing plan. I don't believe he takes the selection of shootout seriously either. More a roll of the dice. He's not using STATS if you see Skinner out there. The other team has injuries, too, btw.
  9. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    My personal view of the coaching approach to goalie pull, OT player selection and Shootout choices is they have all been hap-hazard and not taken serious enough. A PRIMARY focus should be all the points on-the-line that accumulate all season. Nothing can be left to error. Year-after-year this team bleeds points in what has become a very important process to meet year-end goals.
  10. It has been fun to follow the work done in this thread. I for one have enjoyed it and visited all season. You're welcome to take the rest of the season off if you'd like.
  11. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    I know what you wrote is not a direct quote. However, if true it speaks volumes as to why TD made the right decision. You know what got crazy? The team's performance and talent level. It is painfully obvious he does not see himself or his judgement errors as an issue. The right thing is to OWN it and make it better. The attitude you convey is a poor one for a leader.
  12. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Who knew, including Canes Management, that Slavin's and Pesce's game would translate into the NHL? They arrived, performed and stuck, despite expectations. You have to find out if they can play. See Boychuck. I'm with you Hag, start the shuttle. *btw, I actually saw someone at last nights game with a "Boychuck" jersey with good old #11.
  13. The Bill Peters Watch

    Because they're the only 2 forwards that can play at high speed.
  14. Bruins at Canes, Tuesday, 3/13: The final nail.

    Anyone know who asked the tough questions? Was it Luke or others covering the visitors? I know it wasn't Chip since his voice is recognizable. Great point about the TO. One thing that was exposed (again) is this team CAN NOT beat an opponent at up-tempo hockey. When game shifted that way they got absolutely smoked. Same as against several Western Conference teams (Flames, Jets, Knights). Same vs Pens and Wings (at PNC). The "team speed" (except Aho) is a myth with this squad.
  15. Bruins at Canes, Tuesday, 3/13: The final nail.

    If you left fast enough there were no Bruin fans in the Concourse to tolerate after the game. It was a total walk of shame. I've left the barn less than enthused many times, but never like last night. Had a different feel. BP's post game was gross. His response to the "losing culture" questions tells me he deserves the heave-ho. The right answer is NEVER acceptable! He whiffed (badly).