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  1. It seems that a quarter of his ice time is played without a stick. 😜
  2. Heck yeah, Aho! The kid can do it all.
  3. A Preds fan apparently. (Sorry. I’m not being helpful.) And we’re back on top. 2-1
  4. I was just now typing the same thing. What a load of 💩
  5. Hat trick* (See note.) Note: Sort of.
  6. Down by two and Slavin slings a 15 MPH backhander four feet wide of the goal. 🙄
  7. That was ugly. I think he glitched. He must need a firmware update.
  8. Stars high stick ignored by refs. Of course.
  9. The Marley girl has a “help me, I’m being held hostage” look on her face. Or she could be watching tonight’s game.
  10. Ugh. The Canes are just 💩ing the bed now. I guess four out of eight points on this road trip was the most we could expect. Every loss is ugly and every win is a nail biter.
  11. The Stars all seem to simultaneously throw up their arms around our net occasionally making me think they’ve scored. 🤪
  12. Can we clone Aho? Skills, smarts, a nose for the puck, and plays bigger than his size.
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