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  1. def great win guys,and thanks for beating NJ still 4 points ahead
  2. Hey Ill take it,last in jersey ranking,1st in NHL
  3. I wish buffalo had that
  4. It dosnt surrprise me that nobody knew about hockey(haha)
  5. You forget were the best 5 on 5 team in the NHL,Even if the PP doesnt click we will still win the cup!!!!!!!!
  6. At least the Canes pull the trigger when depth is needed at a position unlike some teams. Plus did you see how to win a game with 4 of your d-men out and only 5 blueliners? Tell Lindy to take some notes, ok? haha ok but who will he take notes from?
  7. nick_2843

    I KNEW it

    dont insult the refs just because your playing bad
  8. the 1st half of he season has been great for you guys,and the sabres
  9. *I have none *and happy new years to all you canes fans have a good one
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