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  1. I am selling Hurricanes Bobble heads and signed blank pucks for $20 each, 2 for $30. Please let me know if you're interested. Game Used Sticks (Some are in good condition, some are cracked) $50 each Signed Jussi Jokinen Skates $250 Signed LaRose (Personalized to me) gloves $60 Hurricanes Reebok cap signed by Jared Staal $15 Sticks Tuomo Ruutu Easton S17 signed (Good shape) Tuomo Ruutu Warrior AK27 signed (Good shape) Justin Peters Bauer Supreme 7500 signed Manny Legace Sher-Wood 9950 signed in golden sharpie Manny Legace Sher-Wood 9950 signed in silver sharpie Niclas Wallin Bauer Supreme One95 signed (Good shape) Zach Boychuk (signed) crack on the blade Brandon Sutter Reebok signed Frank Kabarle (not signed) Andrew Alberts (signed on tape) slightly tiny crack on the shaft Bret Carson (signed on tape) Eric Staal sticks. One in good shape signed $150. The other one is cracked on the shaft signed $75. Ron Francis signed $150. Get All two Eric Staal and Ron Francis for $300. As for the pucks, I have almost everybody from 09 year.
  2. Hi guys. I have been collecting some game used jersey/patch cards. I wonder if these are fake from the card company itself. Are these jerseys worn by the players or the company just cut a brand new jersey and put on the card? When Lindholm was drafted, the Canes issued their new jerseys, which do not have any shoulder patches and hurricanes flag at the bottom. However, there are some Lindholm's game used (or even used or photo shoot) patch cards out there on eBay. Some are numbers or nameplate that seem to be from the older jersey, which used the different font. Some has the jersey with sparkling silver fabric that is from the older version, as well. I do not recognize him wearing any old Canes jersey even in a photo shoot. Besides Lindholm's stuff, sometimes I see other Canes players' game used cards that seem to be the material from the Hurricanes flag at the bottom, but that may put some patches, which may look like a nameplate, on top of it. I don't think that we ever had any patches at the bottom there. What do you all think?
  3. Hi Caniacs. I have some game used sticks, equipments, and other memorabilia. Please check them out. We can talk about the price if you may be interested in any of these. I don't want to ship them in the mail. Some of the items in the pictures are sold. The ones that are still available are listed below. Please let me know if you need to see more pictures. Cash only please. Thank you. Game Used Sticks 1. Eric Staal Easton Synergy signed - $300 (Good shape) 3. Eric Staal Bauer Supreme Total One signed - $100 (cracked on the shaft) Buy both Staal sticks for $360 4. Ron Francis Franklin 8050 signed - $300 (Good shape) 6. Tuomo Ruutu Easton S17 signed - $150 (Good shape) 7. Tuomo Ruutu Warrior AK27 signed - $150 (Good shape) 8. Glen Wesley Warrior Dolomite signed - $150 (Good shape) 9. Justin Peters Bauer Supreme 7500 signed - $150 11. Manny Legace Sher-Wood 9950 signed in golden sharpie - $150 12. Manny Legace Sher-Wood 9950 signed in silver sharpie - $150 13. Niclas Wallin Bauer Supreme One95 signed - $80 (Good shape) 14. Zach Boychuk (signed) crack on the blade - $80 15. Brandon Sutter Reebok signed - $150 16. Frank Kabarle (not signed) $80 17. Andrew Alberts (signed on tape) slightly tiny crack on the shaft $60 18. Tom Kostopoulos (signed) $60 19. Bret Carson (signed on tape) $60 Game Used Skates 2. Jussi Jokinen signed both skates - $350 Game Used Gloves 3. Chad LaRose signed and personalized to Nate - $90 4. Manny Legace blocker not signed - $150 Collectable items 1. Mini goalie mask signed by Cam Ward with clear case - $100 2. Mini helmet signed by Eric Staal - $60 3. Mini helmet signed by Jussi Jokinen - $60 4. Hurricanes Fan Parking Sign signed by 21 players - $60 5. Hurricanes car flag signed by 26 players - $60 6. Hurricanes car flags (red and black) - $15 each 7. Hurricanes giant flag 3' x 5' - $20 Toys 1. 2007 figurine completed set (4 figures) - $20 each 2. 2009-10 bobble heads (Staal, Ruutu, Cole) - $20 each 3. 2010-11 bobble heads (Ward, Sutter, Gleason, Jokinen) - $20 each 4. McFarlane figurine (Staal, Francis) - $20 each 5. McDonalds NHL mini Stanley cup and other trophies (including boxes of all trophies) with stand - $50 Clothes 1. Hurricanes big blanket - $40 2. Hurricanes Helsinki knit hat - new with Reebok tag - $20 3. Hurricanes Reebok black&red hoodie men size M like new - $20 4. Hurricanes black hoodie men size S like new - $10 5. Hurricanes grey hoodie men size M like new - $10 6. Hurricanes white 06 Stanley Cup jersey (all screen, not stitch) new with Reebok tag size L - $25 Please go to this link below to see the pictures. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/clt/4613785661.html
  4. Hey jb. How have you been? Hope things are alright. I just wanna put the picture of Ron Francis gloves that I mentioned to you before. I got rid of plenty of my collections when I had financial crisis. I'm better now. JDMayo, I replied you a message. Ok, here is the pic.
  5. Hey would you be willing to trade one of your sticks for a Ron Francis and Kevin Dineen autograph pictures 8 in X 11 in for the Bret Carson (signed on tape) stick I have a picture of him with me and he also signed my jersey from skate with the canes. Check out my swap trade on the board.

  6. You got his jersey? That's really cool. I wish I had a game used jersey.
  7. I'm sorry for a late reply. I have sold the Joni stick last week. Let me know if you are interested in any other players stuff.
  8. lol That's pretty good. Be careful though. Somebody may take it so seriously and really sing it.
  9. You may send your phone number to my email 'cause sometimes I don't have any signal around here. Then I'll call you back if you still have tix. Thank you. My email is iamsthanet@yahoo.com

  10. Still got 2 tix? I want them. Please call me 919-593-6962.

  11. I did not listen to any interview after losing to TB. It was just too upsetting. That day I remembered he signed a couple autographs for my friend and me. He pressed my friend's new sharpie til the tip was totally gone (and of course we got crappy autographs. Then he drove out like crazy as I mentioned before. We were like what the heck was wrong with him. Then we heard about A, so we figured that might be the cause of his action. I would be mad, as well. I mean giving an A to Sutter was just nonsense.
  12. I was there, he looked really mad. He drove out of the parking lot on the side of RecZone real fast like crazy. Then we heard about our new alternate captains that afternoon.
  13. Does Cole not want to be here because he was not one of the Alternate Captains? I remember seeing him mad and furious after a practice at RecZone on the day that they announced our new A.
  14. Boucher was terrible in this playoffs. Hope he can do something to help us.
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