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  1. I've been sending notes to AAA and haven't gotten a response. My wife & I want to attend & are looking for the land only portion of the package. Are we too late? We can get the airfare & tickets ourselves.
  2. If Rod believed this was the right thing to do, he'd have initiated the change, versus react to JR's suggestion. Rod's saying all the right things because that's the right thing to do at this time, plus I'm certain he wants to minimize any anti-Staal talk the change may create. Out in the NHL, this is seen as a put down of Rod given the timing. JR offer Rod whatever the buy out he needs to retire; Rod take the buy out & retire, as this isn't the way to end your storied career. The comments made about Rod's skills/value since the cup year are correct, he's is not contributing nor leading the team. Rod's career and especially his contribution to the Canes over the years can not be forgotten or ignored. Let put #17 up in the rafters, next to that white banner he lead us gettng.
  3. As bad as the Canes looked last night, except for Whitney, if they had any success on the PP, we win the game. It's killed us all year, and I think it's time for JR & PM to find someone to mentor RF. This PP just hasn't gotten better, and I can't recall if we've ever scored on the 5-3 this season. I'm talking Ron the offensive coach, not the HoF player & class human being.
  4. We'll always remember what Rod did for the Canes over the years & especially his leadership role in 2005-6. What he did in 2005-6 paid for any and all short comings since then. We'll never boo Rod. We'll cheer loudly & wildly when number 17 gets raised to the rafters. We believe he belongs in the hall of fame. Unfortuately I believe Paul has correctly placed Rod where Rod's current skills belong & I respect that Paul has given Rod opportunities to have a larger role, but the years have caught up to Rod. We expect Rod will do what he believes is best for the team.
  5. I think Maurice hockey philosophy causes players to be less aggressive offensively. I don't have a clue what Frances' philosophy is, and I think Maurice needs a stronger/effective offensive coach to balance his cautious/opportunistic offensive philosophy. In 2005-6 Culley was huge, even after breaking his jaw.... because he was on the 3rd line playing heads/shoulders better than the other team's 3rd line. He's pushed playing against the other teams 2nd line, and we're draining him & Rosey with the heavy special team minutes. That's an issue that was raised Sunday during the STH's Q&A with Tom & Tripp, it was raised about Staal's minutes vis-a-vis Ovechkin/Crosby...we require Eric to play significant minutes on the PK. To me the issue goes beyond Staal. That Maurice puts his best & most talented players on the PK is not helping these guys focus on their primary duty, score goals. In 2005-6, with the exception of Rod, our PK was manned briallantly by our 3rd & 4th line guys(Rosey was 4th line then and we got huge minutes/energy from the Adams' boys) not our 1st & 2nd line guys. We're running up the minutes of our offensive players doing defensive duty & I see this draining their energy. While PK minutes are down recently, there still there & for sure we're still allocating time practicing PK. Let's protect Culley & Staal's energy and find out if our 3rd & 4th line guys can carry the PK responsibility.
  6. Our Powerplay was poor last year when we had Joni. I don't think it's the players, rather I think it's the system we've been using for over a year.Again I'm a huge Ronnie fan but our powerplay has cost us potentially 2 games already. A PM team will have a strong penalty kill system. Special teams win & lose games.
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