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  1. I know it was likely a very tough decision for him to make but, in the end, I believe it'll prove to be the right decision. This shows that Rutherford is serious about wanting to re-build this roster and fix recent mistakes. A second-round draft pick, that could potentially be used to maneuver up on draft day, is a nice first step towards that goal. Now, let's see what he can turn Corvo, Cullen, Legace, Walker, A. Ward, Whitney, and Yelle into.
  2. I still expect Rutherford to get plenty of deals done by the deadline, if for no other reason than to limit the negative financial impact this season will have on the franchise.
  3. [quote name='sixnitepkg wrote: wallym']I'll take the point a game guy in the playoffs please. even if he's an egotistical overpaid underachiever? naw... I'd far rather have the guy that brings it consistently, is eloquent, articulate, well respected throughout the league, and leads by example... Gleason or Whitney, but first we've gotta get rid of the REAL controlling force in the locker room - Ron Francis. Statements like this are ridiculous. Staal has a slow start to the season, which he has ALWAYS done since '06-'07, and suddenly he is a career under-achiever, over-paid, and egotistical. This franchise doesn't win the Stanley Cup in '05-'06 without Staal, it doesn't compete for a playoff spot in '06-'07 and '07-'08 without Staal, and it also doesn't reach the Eastern Conference Finals last season without Staal. You look around the NHL and you look at the captains; players like Iginla, Toews, Nash, Brown, Koivu, Richards, and Lecavalier. Staal has done just as much, if not more, for this franchise than those players have done for their franchises. If they are worthy of being called captains of their respective teams, which I believe they are, then Eric Staal is certainly worthy of being called the captain of the Carolina Hurricanes.
  4. He's role has essentially been filled by the younger, cheaper, and healthier Patrick Dwyer. I never thought LaRose was as "essential" to this team as some people, and that's pretty much been proven by Dwyer's ability to step right in beside Cullen and produce similar results.
  5. I always made sure never to buy into the hype about Leighton, from the day he was acquired. I thought he was a solid addition to Albany and someone that could serve as a mentor to prospects like Peters, but I didn't think he would be the answer to the back-up situation. He had a spectacular season in Albany, but he's always been a fantastic AHL goaltender. The reason why he has never been a consistent starter in the NHL and has been passed around so many NHL teams is that he has never been able to fully adapt to the NHL game. He's on a bit of a streak in Philadelphia, but that will eventually die down and he'll find himself back on the waiver wire and probably headed to another team in a couple of weeks.
  6. It would likely be Tom Rowe if a change was made, but there are plenty of quality coaches in junior hockey. I'd like to see someone that has had consistent success at that level get a chance here.
  7. In all honesty, I think he should be a little more selfish when you take into account the lack of talent he has around him. When you can't rely on anyone around you to put the puck in the net (for example, Cole against New Jersey), don't pass on quality scoring chances because you think they may be in slightly better position.
  8. It isn't just about the statistics, if it were Ray Whitney would be the captain and there wouldn't be any conversation about it. It's about being able to step up at the most important time of the season, which Staal has done every year for the last four years. I'll recall Staal's performance against the Blues in '06. He took a nasty high-stick early in the first period, returned with a chipped tooth and a stitched lip, and scored a hat-trick to lead the team to victory. I don't think all that Staal has done, the toughness he has displayed over the years, should be completely forgotten because Gleason has done it more recently.
  9. This franchise doesn't reach the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup in '06 without Staal. This franchise doesn't reach the playoffs and the Eastern Conference Finals last year without Staal. Gleason is a fantastic heart-and-soul player that, with each gritty performance, I become more thankful that he is on the roster. However, when it matters, Staal has shown the ability to step up and carry this team and this franchise on his back. I don't think Staal's past contributions should be forgotten simply because he's had a slow start to the season.
  10. It's very likely that Walker would waive his no-trade-clause to be dealt to a contender. If you'll remember, he came to Carolina because he wanted to win the Stanley Cup. With only one or two years left in the tank, I would be shocked if Walker didn't take this opportunity to have one last shot at the Cup.
  11. -Trade Whitney to a contender for a higher-round draft pick at the deadline. -Waive Samsonov. -Trade Cullen to Chicago for a draft pick and prospect (Jack Skille). Chicago is interested in Cullen, but I can't see Carolina interested in Cam Barker's contract or Brent Sopel as a salary dump. They pick up a draft pick and another reclaimation prospect and hope Chicago is able to make room for Cullen through another deal. -Keep Brind'Amour, although I expect he'll strongly consider retirement at the end of the season. -Trade Yelle and Walker to contenders for lower-round draft picks at the deadline. In Walker's case, try to make a deal with Nashville which is one of the few places I would expect Walker to allow himself to be dealt to. -Keep Corvo. His injury will likely deflate any potential return at the deadline and deflate any reasonable contract demands in the offseason. Try to re-sign him. -Allow Legace and Leighton to leave via free agency. Most of the moves would be made with the total team salary in mind and the need to limit the financial impact of this terrible season on Karmanos. With these moves made and a couple of moves made in the offseason, you enter '10-'11 with this line-up: Hall (DRAFT) / Staal / Ruutu Boychuk / Sutter / Cole LaRose / Jokinen / Skille (TRADE) Dwyer / Chaput / Kostopoulos Gleason / Corvo Pitkanen / Hamhuis (UFA) Alberts / Rodney Ward Peters
  12. Surprising that this is the first move Rutherford makes. I knew the pick of Paradis was a massive reach when it happened, and this only confirms that fact. Hopefully, this is simply a set-up to a bigger deal to happen in the next day or two.
  13. I really hope Staal doesn't buy into the "Staal needs Cole" hype as much as some people around here do. If he starts to actually believe that an average second-line winger is the key to his ability, this franchise will be in MUCH bigger trouble than it already is. What Staal needs are legitimate first-line linemates, which he has never had in Carolina. I've asked this question before and I'll ask it again, how many successful franchises are there out there with only one elite forward? This franchise will never be consistently successful until this need is addressed.
  14. If that's the deal Rutherford makes (Staal and draft pick for Cogliano and Grebeshkov), it will become abundantly clear just where the true problem with this franchise lies. Edmonton is a bad team that just lost their best player to injury, yet they consider Cogliano and Grebeshkov expendable. Are these really the type of players you want in return for your franchise center?
  15. I'll refer to an interview Luke DeCock had on the NHL Network about a week ago after Cam Ward's injury. They asked him about the outlook of this season and DeCock said that Rutherford views Christmas as the "deadline" for salvaging this season. He said that if the team is not at or above .500 by that time, Rutherford will start to look towards the future. The team would need about fourteen victories in the eighteen games between now and Christmas to meet Rutherford's "deadline".
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