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  1. True, but Chipchura's skating has been improving though, but to make up for it, I also don't think Sutter has Chipchura's clutchness, I'm also not convinced Sutter can become a 2nd liner...even Chipchura's had better numbers in the Whl. I think they'll become comparable players, around the same upside. Afterall...Chipchura also captainted Canada Jr. to Gold in 06.
  2. Didn't he score all his goals against them? If he did, no wonder they'd sign him, they're probably the only team who thinks he can still play.
  3. I compare him a lot to Montreal's Kyle Chipchura. Both gritty, shut-down, leader heart-soul player, personally I think Sutter's offensive ceiling in the Nhl is 40-45 pts, maybe a couple seasons at 50 pts.
  4. The kid looks awesome..one of Canada's best player in this serie, no doubt about it. By the way, Sutter won't be a Brind'Amour replacement. He isn't close to having his offensive game.
  5. The Habs jersey still looks great, I'm glad they didn't chance anything. If that redneck Canes jersey really is the 3rd, it looks brutal, the regular one's look nice. And the Calgary patches are just silly.
  6. I don't see why the Canes woudn't win the divison, they'd have to under-achieve for a 2nd year in a row to manage that. I highly doubt it'll happen, that team is so deep offensively, and the Southeast is also a weak divison.
  7. This list makes absolutely no sense. Vokoun, Huet, Nabokov are all way too low, and I also believe Budaj should be a bit higher. Roloson, and especially Raycroft, are way too high. And no offense intended to Canes fans,(They've actually grown on me lately quite a lot) but I feel Ward is a bit too high, kind of like he's still feeding off of his Conn Smythe performance, because his 06-07 season was sub-par.
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