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  1. Sec 121 Row X Seats 1,2 on the isle Face = $100 per ticket Make me a reasonable offer!!! **FREE Premier parking pass with ticket purchase Cash only, tickets are hard copy. Can meet anywhere, Cary/Apex preferred PM me here
  2. Selling for business partner: sec 120 row s seats 13,14 Center Ice Premier on the blue line the Canes shoot twice All club level privileges including, Ledge Bar, Pub Deck and Priority Lounge Premier Parking pass included Face value of each ticket = $110 Parking pass value = $15 Total if purchased as a STH = $235 MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER Cash only, can meet locally.
  3. Section 120 Row V Seats 11&12 STH discounted price is $95 but YOU CAN NAME YOUR OWN PRICE! Message me here or call 919-418-4474 Can meet with hard tickets, cash only
  4. Great Seats to a SOLD OUT Game!!!!!!!!! COULD BE THE LAST CHANCE TO TAILGATE THIS SEASON Both sets were trade ins so they wont have a face value printed on them. Sec 220 row B seats 1 & 2 = STH discounted price is $95 each (Center Ice Club) Sec 229 row C seats 1 & 2 = STH discounted price is $65 each (Club Corner) MAKE ME A REASONABLE OFFER FOR EITHER OR BOTH PAIRS!! Can meet up for the exchange Cary/Raleigh area Call or text 919-418-4474 asap
  5. I have 2 tickets available for tonights game in center ice premier! Best seats in the house! They are trade in tickets so there wont be any face value on them but the gate price is $120 per seat and the STH price $87.50 per seat. You can have them for $140 for the pair plus a FREE Premier parking pass or make me offer I cant refuse! Can meet up before game, cash only please. contact: highstick1@gmail.com
  6. I have two tickets for sec 120, row T seats 3&4 for Kirk Muller's innaugural game as the head coach for the Canes! They were trade in tickets so there's no number on the face of the ticket but they're center ice premier and awesome seats!!! Gate price is $110, STH price is $95 BUT YOU CAN HAVE 2 CENTER ICE PREMIER TICKETS FOR JUST $100 for the pair. Call 418-4474 or reply here asap. I can have someone meet you at the box office before the game. -Frank
  7. I thought Sutter was slotted at the 2nd line. One more top 6 forward would make me feel better. Could Dalpe be that guy?
  8. Man, the Sabre fans dont sound very confident for the game tonight with the Caps. Here's some quotes from the caps “They’re in a desperate mode,” says Boudreau of the Sabres, “and they’re playing like we played three years ago when we had to win the last seven to get in and every game was a battle and that’s how they’re doing it. They play us and Carolina this weekend. They know that the test is this weekend. If they pass it, they’re going to make the playoffs. If they don’t, it’ll be right down to the wire.” also from Alzner “There’s a really good chance,” says Caps defenseman Karl Alzner of the possibility the Caps would face the Sabres in the first round. “We want to go out there and try and send a message if we can, play as hard as we can and try and let them know that, ‘If we do get you guys, it’s going to be a tough one.’ Enroth could lit up by a christmas tree if the caps want to send a message. This will be a true test for him.
  9. You must be very busy. Says youve been a member here since 09 so you must have watched some. You have to win lots of games to get into the playoffs.
  10. um lets see................................win? The radio guy in Buffalo is now saying Miller is out with a bruise and didnt travel with the team. Very unlikely he'll join the team in Raleigh. http://wgr550.com/Miller-Not-On-Road-Trip--Injury-is-a-deep-bruise/9533022 Either theyre lying cause why couldnt he travel witha bruise or he's been benched and theyre just trying svae him some embarassment. benched
  11. Just when you think this cant get anymore comical LOL!!! Because of that clown's thread on letsgocanes, the WGR radio dude for the Sabres has started their own crusade in retaliation called operation trojanslug. If your on twitter, you can search for it and they even link back to that clowns thread for reference. Theyre calling for all slug fans to come dressed as Canes fan to the RBC for the game and then reveal their true selves. This is funny as hell and all because of a whiny thread posted on a canes board. The same thread which gave directions to all the slug fans on how to get tickets with our STH discount. Bravo once again @JeremyWGR: Who wants to be part of #TrojanSlug - #Sabres fans go to RBC Center on April 3rd, dressed as Canes fans, to reveal the TRUTH at puckdrop!!! JeremyWGR Now that #Swords mission is apparently off the ground, I'm focusing ALL my efforts on the #TrojanSlug campaign to Carolina April 3RD! EJLoVullo Dear @WGR550 Please make #TrojanSlug happen!!!! It will be EPIC!!!! I'm pretty sure it will also go down in NHL History!! I'm TOTALLY in <3 TheBurl8 Well this loss just makes the fact that I'm participating in operation #trojanslug more important #silverlining #notreally #sabres This is classic, I hope they come waving more of those white towels from last night
  12. Is this really a question? We're sitting anywhere from 12-15th if it wasnt for Wardo.
  13. I heard Babchuk was sending a case of chilled champagne to the visitors locker room on April 3rd knowing that Linda Ruff was ready to declare his first ever Slug championship. Also a true story
  14. I have to LOL at this one. Some dude over at letsgocanes started this whole self proclaimed crusade (including this thread too)to get Canes fans to come to the Slug game in April. Not a bad idea right? Youd think, but not only has his thread been linked from the Sluggies board for their entertainment, but this dude posted the STH code and link so anyone can now get the fan appreciation cheaper tickets! He's personally responsable for supplying some Sluggies with cheapo tix. So now, instead of getting more Canes fans in the seats, he's made it so the Sluggies can now get our STH discount too. Awesome work! Whatever. Just go to games and dont let another fanbase dictate whether you go or not. Its threads like this all over the Canes sites that fuel the fire with the slug fans. They already know two things: 1) they're hated as a fan base down here and probably most other places too 2) its guaranteed that Canes fans will post all over the internet before and after a Slug game complaining all about them and their drunken behavior giving them all the attention they crave. Not gonna change a thing. quote from the Slug board
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