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  1. I did not realize it was Patriot's Day there. Very sad day for everyone. Bostonians are in my prayers as well as America.
  2. Part 1 1) Who scores the first goal of the season? Boychuk 2) Who scores the first assist (primary assist only if there are 2)? Eric Staal 3) Who takes the first penalty of the season? Semin 4) What will that penalty be for? High Stick 5) Who scores the first PP goal? Jordan Staal 6) Who has the first fighting major of the season? Harrison Part 2 1) What will the Canes record be on and including Feb 12th?(after the first 12 games) 7-4-1 1pt 2) How many games will our back up goalie have played by and including Feb 12th? 1
  3. Super Dave - LOL you definitely have the solution!
  4. Thanks Mike for keeping our section always going - you are the best!!!!
  5. You just became the new hero of the Canes board imo!!! Priceless!
  6. I guess I am the opposite - I pull for the team I grew up with only when they are NOT playing the Canes. I pull for the Canes 100% of their games - even when they play the Flyers.
  7. hmmm wishful thinking 6-3-1 yes we will make playoffs by skin of our teeth!
  8. I agree - I would love to come see a double header at RBC!
  9. My feelings exactly about Crosby!!! I am pulling for Walker!
  10. [quote name='Faceoff-ch1 wrote: TheBigKahuna']Not sure what to make of Whitney's comments about fully expecting to be traded at the deadline. Rutherford painted an entirely different picture. Rutherford said he asked Ray once about waiving his NTC, and Ray told him "no". Rutherford said he never approached him about it again. So, just how did Ray expect to be traded? Somebody's lying......... I heard it differently. Rutherford said that Ray told him he didn't really want to go but he would waive it for the good of the team and Rutherford said he did not receive an offer that he thought was up to par with what he thought Ray was worth. In other words, no one was offering a first round pick. That was in one of the post trade deadline interviews. I think once the LA deal was squashed, Ray probably expected to be approached again since he was the talk of all the media. This is why he was surprised. Weren't we all surprised? To me, Ray seemed a bit cranky in that interview. It was not the typical "Ray" we are used to hearing. Perhaps he was expecting some type of conversation with Rutherford in his talk that didn't happen? Agree - not typical Ray - probably frustration - same questions - old story! Glad he finished the season with us and I do hope he is back for next season!
  11. Sure did miss seeing #15 on the ice tonight! Take care of yourself and heal up quickly!
  12. What makes you think he will walk to another team this summer? It is not hard to understand - what you are saying - but only Whitney knows what he is going to do. He could have gone with the Kings a month ago. I think we are very lucky to have JR for our GM, he does a great job.
  13. That is the BEST move today - not trading Ray! Sad about all the others - except Corvo. Best of luck to them all.
  14. [quote name='v1atlantis wrote: Dreamie']^ v1atlantis, post the medal ceremony to youtube for us! (thanks for the translation, I thought that was the issue) ^^ caneswincup, they have the bronze ceremony immediately after the game so the players can leave today to come back to their teams, since the NHL has already started their practices again. Ok , but it will take some time , so be patient. My holiday ends today . Not so much time for computer stuff. Thanks for all the links and the pics!
  15. [quote name='v1atlantis wrote: GhoulieGirl']I will say that I would defend Pitkanen for elbows on a height differential, but I can't for this. He gets more than a dang it Joni. I am hoping next game will be better. Does anyone know what happens in the Olympics if you get thrown out of a game? Honestly, if Pitkanen doesn't play next game, I wouldn't be surprised. Dang diddly dang it Joni. I think that was a dirty hit. But this is the way it usually goes when we play against Sweden. Our players panic , go into overdrive and do something like this. agreed! it was a dirty hit - shockingly. Woooo Hoooo for Ruutu - he was awesome, as usual!
  16. I agree, thought the same thing about the other guys helping him, but I like how confident he played, and think he is a future star goalie. Looking forward to seeing him.
  17. Yelle, Samsonov, Walker Flyers, Sabres, Devils March 1
  18. [quote name='acaniac wrote: ivyleager'] So he is in. Put a fork in it. We are done here. Yeah Haw! Double Yeah Haw!
  19. I agree with TSA also. I always enjoy reading your messages - you both sound like very wise people!
  20. Just knowing (and seeing) these guys work so hard keeps me positive. They don't want to lose anymore than we want them too - as I have said in the past - this team plays with HEART! They are the greatest guys in the league even if they are in last place.
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