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  1. Sorry, I know this is old news, but something I saw in the Hurricanes news release is that the tournament rotates host cities every year. So I assume part of the reason for the change is that the Hurricanes will join the rotation. Have not seen any mention of it, so not sure when we might be scheduled to be the host, but looking forward to seeing a prospect tournament right here at home sometime in the next few years. 😃
  2. Patrick Eaves diagnosed with Guillain–Barré syndrome: http://www.ocregister.com/2017/10/23/ducks-patrick-eaves-diagnosed-guillain-barre-syndrome-out-of-icu/ http://www.ocregister.com/2017/10/24/patrick-eaves-health-weighs-on-ducks-from-afar/
  3. Maniscalco retweeted this: R.L. Bynum ‏@RL_Bynum Sep 30 Ex-CBC morning-drive host @mikemaniscalco will be host for weekly Canes Corner radio show. Will be good to hear him on Triangle airwaves. So I assume he will indeed be hosting again this season.
  4. On the radio, during (or maybe right after) the last game, Brind'Amour mentioned that Aho and Teravainen had not really had a chance to practice and learn the system. He seems really high on them, and wasn't concerned about any miscues. We should see more of what we can expect from them after they have a few practices under their belts. The Checker's camp starts Monday. I assume today's lineup will allow some of those destined for Charlotte to make it for the start of camp.
  5. I hope you are right, but after the last lockout, saying that they would have to be crazy to end up in another lockout doesn't really provide that much reassurance...
  6. You may have seen something about the opt out clause. Either the league or the NHLPA can opt out of the last two years. The NHL would have to indicate they are opting out by Sept. 1, 2019. If the do not opt out, the NHLPA has until Sept. 19, 2019 to make their decision. If neither opts out, the CBA will last the full 10 years.
  7. NHL.com has shootout stats available, if you want to check it out. But to summarize: Last season, Fleury had a .765 save percentage in shootouts (on 17 shots against). Ward had a save percentage of .714 (28 shots against). If Ward had made saves at the same rate as Fleury, it would have resulted in 1 less shootout goal allowed over the season. (Or 1.42 goals, if such a thing could happen.) Last season, the Hurricanes were tied for 9th in shootout save percentage, and were 29th in shooting percentage. The problem in shootouts wasn't the goalie. And to put the same kind of number on the shooting side of the equation, Pittsburgh shot 36% in shootouts, versus the Hurricane's 17%. Over the 28 shots the Hurricanes had, if they shot at the same rate as the Pittsburgh shooters, it would have resulted in 5 (or 5.08) more shootout goals scored.
  8. Murphy was already in Charlotte at the time - he was recalled right after the trade deadline - so he should be eligible as well. I don't think the others (Pesce, Slavin, and Nordstrom) are eligible.
  9. Not surprising, but looks like Nestrasil is out the rest of the season: Link for the picture: https://www.facebook.com/NestrasilAndrejOfficial/posts/1069852103056160:0
  10. TSN article on Staal that may be of some interest, though it's mostly just "We don't know anything," and "Staal has to play better." http://www.thehockeynews.com/blog/trade-deadline-target-eric-staal-ive-got-to-play-better-than-i-have/ The perhaps more significant tidbit is in the NOTE at the end - "A stretcher was wheeled into the Hurricanes dressing room after the game and Nestrasil was expected to spend the night in Toronto for further evaluations..."
  11. Per sportsclubstats.com, the Hurricanes need to go 12-6-3 (93 points) for a better than even odds of making the playoffs. While not a simple feat, it doesn't require a huge run to make it happen. And I have to think they are capable of a 12-6-3 record - since that is what they just did in their last 21 games.
  12. Forslund and Maniscalco discussed a few weeks ago that the reason Gerbe has not been in the lineup could be (not that they know about injuries) because he is still hampered by his earlier injury. In that case, his not playing may not have anything to do with how his playing style fits in Peter's system. But it would also mean the likelihood of him being traded is pretty low.
  13. What complicates things is that scoring in general has been trending down during that time as well. So just looking at Staal's numbers year to year exaggerates his decline. Though I agree that contract numbers should take into account that as the years go by, he is less likely to be an impact player and more likely to be a support/role player. Contracts can be structured that way, though, so that shouldn't be an impediment, as long as both sides are agreeable. And he plays a style that should serve him even into later years as a bottom six player, so that minimizes the risk somewhat, even with a mid-length contract.
  14. If my math is right - from the 2009-2010 season through last season: Getzlaf G-120; A-288; P-408 Perry G-205; A-202; P-407 Staal G-148; A-236; P-384 Pavelski G-170; A-188; P-358 Vanek G-154; A-194; P-348 Erikson G-126; A-202; P-328 Bergeron G-126; A-196; P-322 Parise G-152; A-161; P-313 Carter G-171; A-135; P-306 Richards G-100; A-161; P-261
  15. Tolchinsky has had to adjust to the AHL, but seems to be coming along. You may be interested in this update from a few days ago on the Checkers website: http://gocheckers.com/articles/1464-tolchinsky-altshuller-boychuk-make-strides-during-streak Since that write-up, the Checkers have played two games. He got an assist in the first one and two assists in the second, and is on a five game point streak (3 goals and 5 assists). He is currently 5-12-17 with a +2, which has him tied for 7th on the team in goals, tied for 3rd on the team in assists, and tied for 5th on the team in points. For something from a less biased source, you may also be interested in this write up from a scout (I'm not familiar with him - apparently he is focused mostly on fantasy hockey): http://www.hockeyprophets.com/index.php/scouting/gamereports/87-game-report-charlotte-vs-san-jose-12-29-2016 (Altshuller, Karlsson and Murphy were also scouted in the link.) Comments regarding Tolchinsky: Some specific notes from the game (12-29 versus San Jose Barracudas) Tolchinsky is built like a tree stump. First shift strips the puck for a dangerous chance after circling around the net afterdeking two Cuda players. Then takes a big hit from Carpenter and is shaken up. Looks taller than the 5?9 I have heard/read about him.Tolchinsky just did it to the Cuda. Streaking down the right wing, the left shot beats everyone for a mini breakaway, cuts to the center and plain beats Dell with the quick release to the blocker side. Good play, better shot.Quick and shifty, was able to get away from a hard charging StolleryTolchinsky with a perfect pass from behind the net to the breaking Jake Chelios for a one-timer past Dell. Mueller caught looking.
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