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  1. Cam has struggled this season, that is absolutely true...but I don't get the "what has he ever done for us rawr rawr rawr" that gets thrown around. Cam Ward has stolen a lot of games in recent seasons that Carolina otherwise had no business winning thanks to a lot of terrible defenses that Rutherford has put on the ice. And then the debacle last year when he was gone and all of a sudden Carolina became hot garbage. I'm not saying he's elite, but he also isn't anywhere near as terrible as some make him out to be. He's also the only known commodity in Carolina. Peters is on a hot streak behind an improved defense, and Khudobin has given us such a small sample size we really don't know what we've got with him. So those are your options: a struggling #1, a hot AHLer, and an unknown. My opinion is you sell high on Peters, hope that Khudobin doesn't bolt for a #1 job somewhere in the offseason, and then next season if Khudobin is the clear, far and away best option all season long, then you entertain the trade Cam Ward talk around the deadline.
  2. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=89266 They'll release a teaser image every day starting tomorrow. I guess that explains the 50% off jersey sales this past season.
  3. Joni's 4.5 million expiring deal could be worth a lot at the next trade deadline when struggling teams start going into salary dump mode.
  4. Remember also that JR has to get extensions done this season for Faulk and Tlusty. That can have an effect on what kind of players we are able to sign.
  5. I think the MAB/Murphy decision will hinge on what the market has for MAB. If we can sign him on an inexpensive one year deal, I'd go that way and let Murphy spend at least a few months in Charlotte before bringing him up (subsequently trading MAB to some one looking for a rental). If not, you promote Murphy from the jump and hope the kid is as good as we all think he is. I think the players association would pitch a fit.
  6. Obviously it could change pretty quickly, but I don't know that I'd expect to see Nichushkin on the second line right away. I would expect to see him get his start on the third line with either Jeff or Riley and probably Dwyer.
  7. As far as Larose is concerned, it really doesn't matter what was said or what happened...you're a professional. You show up to your exit interview. You can't have that kind of attitude surrounding the organization. I'm appreciative of what he's done here, but that sort of thing is not tolerable, so it's time to go. Also, JR said there won't be any compliance buyouts for this team.
  8. JR mentioned in the presser that Murphy is an option...I expect we'll see him regularly starting next season. The thing that drove me crazy was JR talking about how much we missed having guys like Spacek and Allen...DUDE, YOU LET BA WALK. JR letting good defensemen walk has really hurt this team for several years now. I like JR, but this has been one of his greatest flaws.
  9. If it's reached that point, then it's probably best for both parties to get a change of scenery. People loved Chad, but it's best if he moves on.
  10. Anyone following the Rutherford presser going on right now? Most interesting thing so far: LaRose didn't even bother to show up for his exit interview. Talk about calling a guy out.
  11. Do any of you really think a guy who's been with the team since '94 and is part owner of the team is going anywhere?
  12. Rosey isn't 20 years old or a 30 goal scorer. I love Larose, too...but comparing him to Skinner is just silly. As is the notion we should trade him.
  13. I don't think JR is going to let any assistants go...he tends to be loyal to coaches to a fault. I could be wrong, but given the circumstances of the condensed season with no summer and no training camp, these coaches will get their shot this next season...THEN we might see changes.
  14. Skinner is a fan favorite 20 year old top six forward who is locked up long term. He's not going anywhere.
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