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  1. If you want to boycott them hit them in the wallet. Don't buy anything at the concession stands.
  2. I think this is an offensive image specifically to vertically challenged males.
  3. Oh - You mean bring the prices down to something reasonable? FAT chance of that happening.
  4. it was only a basic plan. you would work in exceptions for certain things.
  5. Well it's to late now and it would have to be NHL wide probably, but I'd make your pay based on your yearly performance based on what you said you could do. You know like the rest of us get paid. Might work like this. Ok this year the team and you, the player, agree to how much your going to make this year. Let's say your a rookie so the pay will be $750,000 if you meet your goals or $500,000 if you don't preform. Ok Mr. Player what are you going to do for this pay? I'll aim for X goals and Y assists plus any other goals that are agreed on. Year end comes, ok lets look at the numbers. Congrats you made the goals that were agreed on here is your money. Oh sorry you didn't even come any were near what you said you were going to do, here is your $500k. Well you didn't meet every goal but you hit most of them so your pay will be $650,000. Today's players wouldn't go for it, but I think it would work. It would also force everyone to work together more since all players would have a reason to be working together. Problem with the way they are payed today is there is no real incentive. You have a couple could years appear to be earning your pay so you demand high $$. You get what you demand, contracts are signed and now your set. Player can slack off a bit knowing he's got big $$ coming in and is he worried, hell no he's got a contract protecting him. Ok back to the real world. Need to be working on my set goals for the year so I can get my $.
  6. Well.......were still in the 29th spot....at least it's not the last spot.
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