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  1. It should also be noted that E Staal leads the team in penalty minutes and has the sceond worst +/- on the team (Lindholm/Skinner lead this catagory). That doesn't show leadership to me.
  2. On different note, I believe Faulk is the only US player now who has not dressed for all three games. Lavi's way to poke a finger in JR's eye?
  3. What prompted Barrasso to leave for the KHL? Maurice have some compromising pictures of him or something? Think we're really missing him now. This team could really use one of those "goalie fellers" who don't let the puck in the net like a Pee Wee B Team back-up. By my numbers both of our "goalies" have had about an 80% save percentage the last several games. Not going to cut it in the NHL as evidenced by this great run we're on. A real shut down defenseman wouldn't hurt either.
  4. Old_School


  5. So, are we getting a schedule today or what? Pretty much out of patience.
  6. NASCAR can't fill seats because people don't have disposable income these days. NASCAR did not have a labor dispute that PO'd the fans. If the players and owners think a lock out in this economy is a good idea, they're demented. The expanding hockey market and revenues will disappear and the owners and players will alienate the regular fan who loves the game. No one wants to go watch prima donnas who want to gouge fans. Just my thoughts on it.
  7. Fortunately, next season's TV contract will help...unless they lose fans with a lock out this season. JR is definitely going "all in". Hopefully he knows something about the owner position reference this CBA.
  8. Calling my ticket rep to let him know they will lose me as an STH. I really hope neither party is stupid enough to lock out. Given today's economy it will hurt everyone involved. Look at NASCAR attendance; and they didn't lock out! B#%ching about the kind of money they are talking won't sit well with the fan base. People are hurting in this economy and this will alienate the league from their fans.
  9. Joe is here to retire. One year deal, family already lives here, retire and scouting for JR next year.
  10. Guarantee if Begosian hits Crosby like he hit Nodl it would be 5 game minimum!

  11. The call by the league is warranted. We all saw what happened to Wardo a couple seasons ago from a skate blade. Did he intend to injure, I don't think so, but it doesn't make it any less dangerous. I have no problem with suspensions that highlight player safety. No one wants to see one of their players go down to injury because someone did something malicious or stupid. Now that being said, the league should also hold on ice officials responsible. They are the league's eyes and ears to ensure the game is played in a safe manner. The increasing lack of judgement and consistency in officials has a HUGE impact on the conduct and outcome of a game. Officials should also face fines and suspensions for sh#@%y calls. Players and coaches have to answer for their actions if they make mistakes, officials should be held to the same standard. How many games are decided by a terrible call/non call? How players get suspended after the fact when no call was made on the ice? Other than being booed by 18,000 people what is their accountability? They get a paycheck no matter how horrible their performance was. End rant.
  12. At first thought I'd have to go with any red jersey with a shooting lane. The boys are proving lately that anyone on this team can score, but both the Staal line and Ruutu line have been hot. Staal is racking up helpers with reckless abandon and Cole has some clutch goals for us. Everyone on the Ruutu line scored last night and that line won the shootout vs the OVs. Seems they have the hot hand right now. So all that being said I'd say get it to the kid. #53 Skinner.
  13. Couldn't agree more...though my doctor might disagree on the blood pressure front.
  14. Thrashers 3-0 over rags. To quote Hunter S Thompson "It never got weird enough for me". The Canes now control their playoff future...again. Thanks Thrashers...hope they cashed it all in tonight vs the rags. LET'S GO CANES! They do keep it interesting.
  15. With the way Pitkanen is playing right now, we'd be lucky to get a bag of pucks and some new skates for Stormy. Everyone has figured him out. He has no real defensive game either positionally or physically. He constantly turns the puck over and his offense is a slap pass to the opposite circle or a trip around behind the net where he turns it over. Can't figure out how he's only a -1 right now.
  16. Congrats to Jeff. The kid is a blast to watch and will be a real force when he gets some more experience. I think his being on the team has reignited the passion some of the "older" guys had in their younger days. Keep smilin' Jeff.
  17. With the departure of Whitney I think Cole has finally stepped into a leadership role in the locker room. I really believe mentoring Skinner has reignited the fire he had before the injury and he's really enjoying the game again. I could also be full of S#*! Either way, I like what he's doing and hope he keeps it up.
  18. That long opening road trip is the key to setting the stage for the rest of our season. If we get through at .500 or better I expect us to be serious contenders. The team is too young, IMO, to deal with a big losing streak at the start. No matter what, it's going to be fun to watch how this "new" group gels and develops. Again, .500 or better at the end of October and we go deep in the playoffs.
  19. Agree, no surprises. Sutter played strong last year and has a become a scoring threat to be reckoned with, but also think it could be too early. I would have thought Rosie, but definitely not unhappy. Gleason was a hands down however.
  20. Happy to rejoin the discussions now. Last season was painful enough, the software just made it worse.
  21. The playoffs may be a far stretch at this point, but the confidence our new "young" Captain is gaining will bring more to this team than any draft pick. A winning streak and strong performance will carry over further into next season than any draft pick. Besides, it's fun as hell to watch compared to the beginning of the season. Mathematically we're still players in the race. Draft picks are a lottery all unto themselves.
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