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  1. I have an Alexander Semin Bobblehead from the February 8th promotional game that I would like to swap for the Jordan Staal Bobblehead from the January 19th promotional game. Please message me or reply to this topic if interested.
  2. I have two extra Alex Semin bobbleheads and wish to swap each of them for a Jordan Staal. Reply to this topic or Message me if you have an interest in one or both. Thx.
  3. A thought regarding J Staal. Would be a terrific add, but will require a considerable expense in trade which we could maybe better use/control. My personal preference is to use our trade material with Edmonton to move to the #1 pick. Oilers do not need another top forward that is inexperienced, they are dying on D. We have some great talent coming up on D, but desperately need scoring/speed on offense. JR must keep Bryan Allen though and pay him well enough to keep him here (maybe $4.7M or so which would only be an add'l $1.5M to what we paid him this year). He brings a lot to the table in terms of toughness and fear factor for rushing wingers that we really don't have otherwise, certainly not with just Gleason as our toughest D-man... Assuming JR has $5M additional to play with for contract deals; trade Pitkanen, Joslyn, and maybe even Harrison with our #8 pick to Edmonton for #1/Yakupov. That frees up about another $6M, now totaling $11M for signing another top forward and the additional cost to keep Allen as well. Make Parise an offer he can't refuse, even if only for a shorter, say, 3 year contract. Add Parise and Yakupov to this team, keep Allen and watch the fireworks.
  4. Fully agree with your observations except the $7.5M needs expansion. His cap hit this season is actually $8.25M because his original bonus is still being spread across the early years. His next FOUR contract seasons (he's not a UFA until 2016-17) starting with 2012-13 are 8.5 - 9.25 - 9.25 - 9.5. Sid's this year and next is 9 - 7.5 (2012-13 is his final contract year) while Ovi's is 9 - 9 - 9 - followed by a string of 10s. Brother Jordie is 4.5 - 4.5 (UFA in 2013-14). Draw your own conclusions. And as a recommendation for those that think Eric is just in a "funk" or "slump"; avoid the temptation to just watch the puck and "local" play and watch Staal exclusively (what the heck, the games don't much matter anymore anyhow!) during his shifts. Again, draw your own conclusions. If this appears to be be a captain's playing effort, display of elite skills or even just a player TRYING to get out of a slump, then I've never watched a hockey game. And by the way, I've been an avid hockey fan since the days of Eddie/Gilles and the GAG line. For those interested and not yet aware, all the NHL salaries, contract details for all the teams are at http://nhlnumbers.com/teams/CAR?expand=true&year=2012, be sure to use the "expand" selection in the header area to see all the future years available as well. I
  5. I am personally very much with you as well as with all the points and perceptions you have made, something needs to be done and quickly. My own belief with Staal having taken more FO's than anyone else in the league is that other teams have noticed all this as well and are going after him to freeze the puck and get faceoffs whenever they see Eric come on the ice. They know they've got a great chance of getting possession, it's the kind of thing teams can build strategy around and Mo plays right into their hands. Eric is also tied for only 77th among just centers in the league with only 5 hits thus far, so he's not making up for the shortcomings with additional nastiness or some aggression that might help him break out more. I hate to say it and I know that it has bothered him a great deal since but the best hit I've ever seen him make was on Marc last spring. If he did that a LOT more he might find more success. They just called up Faulk this AM, maybe there is a trade coming. I'd very much hate to see either Joslyn or Harrison go and particularly not Allen, who has looked terrific thus far...
  6. Coaching should be responsible for the preparation, strategy, and overall mindset/attitude of their team. A few observations: - This team appears to lack the focus and knowledge of what they are individually supposed to be doing, especially in the defensive zone; sometimes evident in outright confusion, but very often demonstrating the old "zigging when they should be zagging" syndrome. Call it confidence if you wish but this team is (too often) lacking the clear headedness which is established with sound preparation. - There's too many references by Maurice that acknowledge "squeezing their sticks" and "the difficulty of their schedule" which is ok once but when oftentimes repeated actually ends up being self fulfilling. - The only creativity in changing or adjusting the game plan/"system" when it seems to be failing is the constant change-up of lines. We get some really good play from the third and fourth line at times, but when they're only putting in 4-6 mins a game, it's hard to both develop and or take advantage of what that provides to the guys logging > 20. - Ward has been consistently giving up soft goals (by consistently I mean about 1 per game) that I personally think are due to fatigue. God forbid his back starts blowing up again, which for anyone who has had back problems knows can be a symptom of over-work/tenseness. Peters gets so little work that when he does, expect there to 2 soft goals per game simply due to confidence. - If this team was actually having some fun out there, wouldn't a couple of blowouts where we fill the nets in a game be just a bit more frequent? - There's far too much dump and chase and if you watch the triangular area demarcated by the top of the crease outwards to the center top of each face-off circle, we seldom have anyone positioned in it. More often than not we have all three of the forward line positioned in the corners, and or on or past the goal line. - I'm tired of hearing the phrases, "moving our feet", "speed thru the neutral zone" and "getting our shots off quicker". How bout initiating some direction that actually initiates those things? For example, from what I've seen, I would "outlaw" taking a slap shot unless it's a simple one timer at the instant the puck is received. None of this stopping the puck, taking a big windup, and basically allowing both the defenseman and opposing keepers plenty of times to position themselves for the block. There's far too few wristers and snapshots taken by our guys. I'm afraid I could go on for some time with these, but to me, they are all evidence of coaching deficiencies. Any thoughts?
  7. To purchase and pickup go to the "Opulence of Southern Pines" store (ask for Ivy) at Saltbox Village in Cary (midway between Ace Hdw and Meat Mkt stores). Price is $12 up to noon of game-day then $10 thereafter. No phone calls/emails/forum replies or negotiations please, first come first serve basis only, this entry marked SOLD.
  8. SOLD Two tickets to the Full Season Ticket Holder Pre-Game Skate this Sunday, 12/26. Call Ken @ 919-434-6620 to arrange for exchange; $20 for the pair... Details below: Full Season Ticket Holders in attendance can participate in a question and answer session with 'Canes radio announcer Chuck Kaiton while enjoying this exclusive opportunity to watch both the 'Canes and Capitals skate the morning of their game - the only chance during the year for fans to see an opponent's pregame skate. Light fare will be provided for attendees, and we'll have inflatable games on the concourse for kids. Pregame Skate Estimated Schedule of Events 10:00 a.m. - Gates Open/Food Stations & Inflatable Games Open 10:05 a.m. - Chuck Kaiton Q&A 10:30 a.m. - Hurricanes Skate Begins 11:30 a.m. - Capitals Skate Begins 12:30 p.m. - Capitals Skate Wraps Up/Event Ends
  9. Last minute can't go. Willing to sell our two Full Season Ticket Holder party tix - $10 each. May be picked up at Salt Box Village (near Ace Hardware store there) in Cary. Please call Ken at 919-434-6620 to arrange for pickup.
  10. I need to complete my set and we missed the Erik Cole Bobblehead night last season. I have an extra 2008-2009 Cam Ward Bobblehead that I am willing to use in a swap and or purchase. Please contact Ken at 919-434-6620 or email at Email me.
  11. PKLING: Sorry, I didn't see an email from you re the Montreal game, not sure why. I've not found this new forum setup to be totally reliable and I don't always have time to monitor my posts for replies. This is why I post my phone number and direct email address as the preferred method of contact. Sorry about that. I think that you/I were also in contact regarding Saturday's pass. Feel free to call me if you are still interested in that one. Thx much, ...Ken
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