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  1. Somewhat off-topic, but I did want to see if there were any thoughts. I just checked Ticketmaster for available seating for some games. All I can say is WOW! The availability outside of the opener is staggering. I'm optimistic the team will start hot and that more seats will get sold, but man this is scary. I dont think there's even enough opposing fans around to help fill this many seats. Looks like the Triangle has bailed out for now. Seems to give a lot of the forum trolls some backing when they say we're fair-weather fans. FYI, I'll be there all season.
  2. This move beats a puck to the groin and that's what we've gotten the last several seasons. Guys can we get even a little excited by this move please? Who do you think we're going to get to come here? Its a Good trade.
  3. Trying to comprehend your post, but I'll opine anyway. I have no problem enjoying the games as they come...as long as i'm not paying big bux for the privledge. Next year I'll remain a Canes fan and I'll do what seems like the majority on this board and Canes Country posters do...watch from home for (almost) free. It's easy for folks to have an opinion and "hold out hope for the future" when the majority of them have no skin in the game as STHs. Just my opinion here and I'm not trolling, but I think it's time to put up or shut up. If fans are not willing to sacrifice a chunk of their income to tangibly support this team, then in my opinion they're just making noise. The team has been bad for years and it appears as though next year will be no different. PK is in trouble financially and that's reflected on the ice. I've paid (real money--not a cable bill) for the privledge of watching this team through all of these losing seasons. Blame JR/PK all you want for the position we're in. Either way, if you think opposing fans filled the arena this year; wait until next. When the most satisfaction a Canes fan can get is occasionally sending opposing fans home unhappy, then that's a problem.
  4. Only one way to sum all of this up... The team will remain out of contention for several more years. Not good news for the team's future in this market. They're going to have to make the entire upper deck the "Fan Zone" next season. Take away the lousy w/l record and you still have a terrible in-game experience. The team made some really short-sighted decisions before this season even started. They are going to have a heck of a time getting Canes fans through the door next year.
  5. This team is without two of its premier players. Take two top players off of any team and they probably wont win much. The team doesn't have to purposely tank. We are going to be bad. Real bad. Like Buffalo bad. We will be deadline sellers and we'll end up in the hunt for McDavid/Eichel. The problem is that during the process, the Canes are going to lose a big chunk of the fan base that is still left. What happens if we dont land one of these guys? It's a big gamble for a small market southern team to take. I get the impression that PK is killing this team for his own eventual financial gain. Look what Wang did with the Isles. To watch them do basically nothing in the off-season tells me that they have no intention of trying to win much of anything, let alone a Cup. Folks think that we have some talented kids who can make a difference down the road. I've seen almost every game for the last 5 years. I've not seen much raw talent in any of the youngsters. Other than Faulk/Skinner, our youngsters have been mediocre and none are future all-stars.
  6. He's still re-habbing the wrist injury. Sounds just a little ominous. https://twitter.com/dchesnokov/status/498097412972761089
  7. Pre-season starts in about six weeks. How do you feel about the off-season moves (or lack thereof) so far?
  8. Oh yeah. Sutter (with Gleason and LaRose) just about completes that SC roster. Let's get Jussi back too. Is Arturs Irbe available? Look, I know folks are reaching for any straw hoping this team will be competitive as it currently stands. Fact is, other than a couple of players (who all had career lows last year) this team is made up of third and fourth line scrubs. It's bad folks. RF and PK stood pat and its going to cost them big time in attendance. They're hoping for a very high draft pick to give them something to sell to fans in 2015. I dont care if we had Gretzky in his prime on this team. It simply would not make a difference with this bunch. Yeah, I'm down on the team. While it was not a stellar FA class, there were guys out there that could have helped. Between PKs cheapness and NTCs, I think we're screwed. I keep hearing..."If we can get X player cheap...I think it's a good move." There seems to be concerns about our 3rd and 4th lines (and getting cheap players to fill those roles), yet our 1 and 2 lines last year sucked and we never fixed them. We are going to get crushed, all while opposing fans sit in our arena laughing at us. Good thing I only pay $12 a ticket for my seats, otherwise I would have been gone three years ago.
  9. Ok, I'll bite. Neither will meet these milestones and the Canes will be a bottom feeder this year. Even Buffalo could do better than us unless the BIG guns pull their heads out of the clouds. Hoping or thinking that Boychuk and/or Ward will make a difference this year is simply not realistic. Boychuk's a top AHLer (and a mediocre NHLer) and Ward is a backup now. Not sure why you would even consider either of them to be a difference maker. New coach, new front office, Tim Gleason and maybe Chad LaRose. This season is going to be bad. I see a tanking coming. Everyone wants to draft McDavid and this season is the sacrifical lamb that snares him. Disgusting, but likely true for several teams including the Canes. This has been the weakest off-season I've seen in six years. Everyone decent is gone and some went for reasonable money. This is obviously do or die for the big money guys. I predict... * No playoffs again this year * Eric, Semin, and Ward are gone for 2015-2016 * We get a good draft pick, but its not McDavid OH! But Chad LaRose may be back. SC here we come! This team is bad and looks to be getting worse. I'm not sure what PK is thinking, but it's apparently not about winning a Cup. We're so far removed from even making the playoffs that I just want to scream. RF is talking to Chad LaRose? MyGod! This is team Titanic.
  10. I agree. The guys getting the money are not peforming. I had this discussion with my ticket rep. The Sales dept is mtg with RF next week and part of those discussions involves fan feedback, which I provided plenty of. My frustration with the team goes far beyond the signing of tim. He was just the catalyst based on this thread. If it makes everyone happy, I'll just go with the most realistic viewpoint; he's cheap he's got experience with the team we need a 5/6 dman
  11. I get it. He's a warm body and he can still "contribute." My problem is that I'm about done supporting this team financially. I'm a full STH and I can honestly say that I have not received good value for my money. Bringing Tim back just tells me that this team is light years away from truly competing and having people welcome him back just fans the flames. If I'm just sitting home watching for free, then I guess I really dont care who is on the team. But I contribute money and maybe more importantly a lot of time on this team. These types of moves tell me that the team is not capable of competing now or in the future. How many NTC lists are we on? Does anyone good even want to play here? Overall, this has been a terribly frustrating off-season. I really expected therm to go after someone decent. Instead we get Tim back? Geesh.
  12. So what I'm taking away from this thread is... 1) Tim is better than having a drunk guy on D 2) He's cheap, therefore it's an ok move 3) His stats really aren't that bad for his age...and... 4) He played well in TOR---guess that's why they bought him out? 5) All teams have to take on crappy players---it's part of the NHL This fanbase has truly lost its mind. He's a cheap, barely-serviceable player and therefore we should welcome him back with open arms? Just dumb. Tim does not make the team better. That has to be the only real measuring stick now. Is the team better with Tim? Not even close in my opinion. This is it Canes. Put a winner on the ice this year or I'm out for good.
  13. Is this the same bunch that yelled when we let LaRose go? My god, we're doomed. Maybe if the fans gave mgmt an earful when they make these bonheaded moves, the team would not pull this crap on the fans as often. I dont care if we paid him $250k. It's about performance, not money. If anything, Timmy is going to be every other team's punching bag. I predict he goes down to injury before the holiday break. A bad signing (for any amount of money) and an even worse indication that the team will be little changed from the last 5 yrs.
  14. Please speak for yourself. I for one do not welcome him back. We brought back a tired old retread. Something I thought we'd stop doing once JR was gone. I would put him at about number 5 on the def depth chart. He cant score, he doesn't use his body as much as he used to and he really cant move the puck well. I'm struggling to figure out your enthusiasm. This team is boardering on trainwreck and the season hasn't even started yet.
  15. Manny goes to Montreal for 850k.
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