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  1. [quote name='medic208 wrote: I bought a ticket for both games in the lower level Club section for $378 Euro ($189 x 2) and shipping was $35 Euro. With the current exchange rate, my total was $556.45.You mean $556 for 2 people for each game right? I'm only seeing an option to buy the games separately. And it looks like $556/game for 2 people. Yikes! TSA wrote: ivyleager']AAA Raleigh told me this morning that 170 Caniac travel requests have been dealt with. Wow! That's more fans than Chicago had at this seasons opener. Probably just a general thought but many people around here are transplants that are used to traveling quite a bit whether it be for work or to visit family, and many corporate jobs require international travel too. I wonder how MN is doing with their travel arrangements and how high the interest is there? I looked on the Wild's website a few days ago and couldnt find a single thing about the games.
  2. Has anyone been able to find out if you can purchase just the game tickets?
  3. Alright well, if no one has any suggestions, does anyone know of a really good dry cleaner in the Cary/Apex area that may be able to do damage control on it?
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