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  1. Things are really getting desperate in my area. I just got a robo call and a text from my moronic congressional representative. He wanted to tell me to follow the social distancing and government restrictions. Sorry Skippy, too little and too late. But I guess he wanted to make sure I knew he still needs my vote. I guess need to show him how much I care for him next election.
  2. Damn, now my mind reading skills have crapped out. Well it's good to know we both still have our skills with wood still intact.
  3. Yeah right, lets blame your favorite whipping boy. And justify by saying documented by "independent" news organizations.
  4. We have been told that money is available to keep businesses paying employees. So I guess our Billionaire decided against that. Easy to blame someone for trying to keep a positive spin on what could have been a disaster. Maybe a daily dose of doom and gloom for weeks on end appeals to some, but I would rather look toward a possible end to a crisis. I haven't missed any work yet and really don't see the panic. If you listen to the people in the northeast, you would think millions were going to die. I feel most were not given proper instruction from their local governments, hence the disaster in that area. Too much mismanagement at the local and state level , but lots of screaming to the Federal government. Too many State governments looking for federal disaster relief, California wild fires, water problems in Michigan, huge investments in feel good projects in NY. No need to protect your citizens when you can tap all the taxpayers in the Nation. Those are my thoughts. it's easier to put your muscle on your local and state people, which should result in better response tailored to your local needs.
  5. Well I know of two who were full time employees who had been with the Canes for many years. Here's your prorated vacation pay, and here's the door. I guess you just can't pass up a crisis
  6. Might have come from other teams or sports. Lots of college teams in the area have had ticket reps for decades now.
  7. Those I'm talking about were not furloughed. They were let go. Big difference.
  8. Dismissed, lost health care, vacation paid pro-rated. Not sure if they qualify for unemployment. I guess when this settles down they will be looking for new jobs. So much about teams supporting their employees, I guess we are not one of those teams.
  9. I feel sorry for the Hurricanes employees who lost their jobs last week. I wish them luck on finding a new job soon. Thanks for all you did for the fans.
  10. Well the axe fell on the arena staff today. I don't know how some will make during this time. Knowing some of them really hits home, and I hope they find work soon.
  11. News about local idiocy. A friend of my wife for many years was out at a local chicken restaurant in Apex. After picking up their order, they decided to sit at one of the outside tables to enjoy the nice weather and eat. Along came a local constable to inform them they needed to leave, someone passing by complained. They obliged. I on the other hand live on a busy street and I am now partaking of meals and adult beverages in view of passing vehicles. God help them if they complain, my first words will be " what is your major malfunction and who got your panties in a twist?" Just venting, I know it's serious, but why do some people feel the need to spoil a dinner.
  12. How about a thumb down button? Or are we too concerned about a posters feelings?
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