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  1. Canes vs Flames Sunday at 3 PM - A New Era Continues

    Really? I'm still waiting for a Cane to deliver an old fashion butt kicking to Orpik for his hit on Cole.
  2. Canes vs Flames Sunday at 3 PM - A New Era Continues

    I'm seriously doubt it.
  3. The New and Improved GOALIE thread:

    Well not too long ago Cam got B2B, "hot goalie" and all that. That and last time Cam was in a Caps game all of a sudden where were brown lumps thrown into the dessert just before the meal ended. And the results..... more brown lumps at the 3 minute warning.
  4. The New and Improved GOALIE thread:

    And we played Ward last night.
  5. Washington at Carolina: The Rematch: 1/12: 7:30 PM

    I expect that the Caps goons will be out tonight. Somebody better be prepared to give Orpik or Niskanen a swirlie.
  6. All inclusive goalie discussion

    In my opinion we have a long history of taking chances and throwing money at unproven players and coaches. Maybe the new owner will open the checkbook and get some veteran coaches and goalies while we try to start a development program in our minor league teams. Our last experienced coach and goalie........ Laviolette and Gerber.
  7. All inclusive goalie discussion

    Maybe Briscoe can punch a horse to get his mojo back?
  8. Canes at Bruins, Saturday Jan 6, 2017

    I would agree. Peters seems to be able to throw any goalie under the bus as long as they are not named Ward. Maybe he 's feeling bad about not being consulted in any goalie negotiations.
  9. Canes at Bruins, Saturday Jan 6, 2017

    Talk about throwing a brick.
  10. Jan 2nd Capitals vs Canes

    Tonight we see if we can play with the big boys in the neighborhood.
  11. Jan 2nd Capitals vs Canes

    What? Are you saying that Peters juggles lines?
  12. 30 December 2017...Canes @ Blues

    I would like to see a four or five game stretch with no line group changes. Might take an extended Peters vacation to achieve that, but can we see stable lines for a change rather every 10 minutes we play a weird game of musical players.
  13. 30 December 2017...Canes @ Blues

    Well 11 years of tough room will do that to ya.
  14. 30 December 2017...Canes @ Blues

    Cane we send Briscoe down for "conditioning".
  15. 30 December 2017...Canes @ Blues

    That could be Skinner also.