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  1. And I sat through too many games when Cam couldn't hold a lead in the third. Glove side high, and see ya next game. Oh yeah., Tripp would explain " Cam wishes he had that one back". Well duh!
  2. Funny how everyone agrees this team sucks, some blame Darling others defend Ward. How can it be both ways?
  3. Switched over to Wings / Flyers . Wing done for the season but have pride, just went up 4-3 with 6 minutes to go.
  4. Uverse has had enough. Stopped programming .
  5. Tap dancing on a land mine.
  6. These are the games that will make J Willy think seriously about retirement
  7. How about for the fans mental state.
  8. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Neither . Price is too injury prone and Lundqvist is getting to the end quickly, and why take that much of a step down.
  9. Candy Canes vs. Fighting Tavares...18 March...5 pm EDT

    Rask with an awesome hit.
  10. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Take what is told with skepticism until you have researched on your own.
  11. The Bill Peters Watch

    A coach who gets improvement from his team might stay awhile longer, the coach who ends up with declining results get Rice-A-Roni at the door on the way out. How much longer do we wait ? Tear the band-aid off and lets move on. Hire a coach with NHL experience with a two year contract with a five year renewal. Get them going or get gone. No more " he's going to be a great coach someday ". We've been waiting for that miracle too long.
  12. Candy Canes vs. Fighting Tavares...18 March...5 pm EDT

    First step to breaking 80 for the season. WOOOO HOOOOOO !
  13. Easy now, There are 11 games left. We still have the possibility of a rip in the space/ time continuum. That will make everything right.