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  1. Great game see ya next week good night all.
  2. So far whoever made the TT trade needs a big THANK YOU !
  3. And TT also plays a good defense.
  4. I've got Vegas money on Pens missing the playoffs and Caps first round elimination .
  5. Anybody got "Steady Eddie" by ELP?
  6. Zucker trying to give Nino a wet willie. Come on Nino drop him like a Mrazek.
  7. I know, every body that has had a tryout sucks.
  8. I see John as the main play by play for NBC soon.
  9. I was alright with the Bud Light girl when she sat on the couch. Any time a beer opens and a bra comes off you've got my attention.
  10. Definitely not as annoying as the current way of answering a questioner " Right Mike, I mean what we............"
  11. You got a problem with us scoring a late goal?
  12. Wow, that was dripping with sarcasm....... Thank is was great!
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