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  1. How about a thumb down button? Or are we too concerned about a posters feelings?
  2. Still haven't figured why they refer to Henrik as King.
  3. Give me Slavin and Pesce, a good scouting team, and I'll build you a consistent winning team. Probably pick up a half dozen cups in their 20+ season careers.
  4. Thanks for the response. Mine was going to mention something moronic.
  5. Jets, got to be the Jets! We had a good rivalry going before the move. Mo just signed a new contract so we could embarrass him while we are at it .
  6. How about we play the Jets, they can wear throw back Thrashers sweaters.
  7. Good night all. Early work day tomorrow. Millions of politicians depending on my tax money.
  8. I can't remember the last time we left an opposing player stunned, let alone slobberknocked .
  9. Because we don't body check.
  10. The surprising thing about the Rex Health Care commercial , the baby is now in middle school.
  11. We did! The puck was deflected by Aho's stick.
  12. I think when he got to Philly, he came on hot with I think 5 wins with a couple of shutouts, and then then fizzled. Hence the trade.
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