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  1. and the walk of shame again.
  2. Than one hell of a play by Jordan behind the net.
  3. I'm having a psychological episode tonight. Every time John mentions Kasha, I reach for a snack.
  4. After this, I may never step into an Advance Auto Parts ever again,
  5. Well let's hope he lives up to the recent hype.
  6. And they get the Panthers tomorrow night.
  7. Depends on who you ask, Tubby or Twitchy ?
  8. KK if you want limited choice between large or small glazed donuts. DD gives you more choices. But when in Apex try the Beignet Truck.
  9. So why don't you punch the clown poking your goaltender?
  10. Time for the benchwarmer shout down.
  11. I really feel sorry for that guy.
  12. And we will make him look like an all star
  13. Well this one was truly a goalie loss.
  14. But those ahead of us haven't take their season dip yet.
  15. I don't care if you think it would have stopped Tripp, it was a great, timely play by Gardiner.
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