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  1. Really? That's what you've got to say? ******* about the outcome of a game nobody saw us playing, even in December. They have done much better than expected, our future looks bright. Sit back, reflect on the successes and look forward to next season.
  2. And Hamilton just got beaten to the puck on a cross ice dump when he had a 20 foot advantage. He is not even involved in this game.
  3. Why do we refuse to challenge the guy with the puck? I've seen Hamilton and Faulk back away from the Bruins . Both times when the Bruin was within two feet of the boards with control of the puck. Just move in an HIT them. They do it to us .
  4. Here is an open message to Justin Williams and the Hurricanes. The next time Marchand wraps his stick around your neck, don't grab him and talk to him, the refs will just give you a penalty. Drop you gloves and drop the pr*ck , everybody else on the Canes and step up and kill the penalty. Trust me, every fan of the other 30 teams will thank you. Thanks in advance.
  5. Keep Hamilton off the ice, he made more stupid plays tonight . Just a freakin embarrassment. Couldn't pass , couldn't keep the puck , and lost mental control when the going got tough.
  6. Think so? saw a couple of soft goals he should have stopped.
  7. So who thought Mrzak was the answer? Why not go with the hot hand?
  8. Been watching DeHaan, calm , cool, and collected.
  9. Take a secure man to admit to owning a kitty.
  10. In this corner the Giant Charra.... boo..... hiisss. and in this corner Jordan Staal.... hooray...cheers. I'll take Jordan in every round.
  11. Well their singer is better the the old fart they had in the past.
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