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  1. Yeah but how did that flash in the pan work for Buffalo ? He lit up the beginning of the season, got the press, and then took his usual vacation. Whereas Nino is still playing hockey, not golf, like Skinner.
  2. Are we isolating them from friends and family also? How about slump busters?
  3. Don Cherry brought the spotlight to the surge and our successful playoff push. I think he also helped the with our team cohesiveness and brought the team together to keep the fans interested in our results. Don has been well known throughout Canada for his charitable work. I think the team, or our owner, should make a contribution to one of Don's charities to show no hard feelings and a big Thank You from a " Bunch of Jerks " Thanks Canes and Caniacs for an enjoyable season! Now make the playoffs memorable.
  4. Well I guess I need to make plans to be out of town. Kidding, sound like a great idea. I'll see if I can make it.
  5. And NBC used Peter Puck. Times are changing. Techno will soon make it seemless and you'll wonder how you followed the game in the " old " days.
  6. It might be that the head muckity mucks in Calgary have no problem changing coaches who don't produce.
  7. Yeah, but everyone has seen his track record.
  8. I think it was just after American Thanksgivig, there was an article on Yahoo Sports with a link to Arena improvements, with most about Key and what was happening there . One or two lines mentioning other arenas and their improvements with a blurb about Charlotte might be looking for a new venue for Hornets.
  9. When and why did this become a p*ssing match? I stated something I read online and you seem to think I'm making it up. When did you become all knowing and all seeing? Get real with yourself, you are not the arbiter of what people say or post.
  10. That's your opinion. I know what I read.
  11. Keep Ferland. He's a Scott Walker type, not much flash, but is ready to step up when needed. Something this team sadly lacks.
  12. Prime example of El Cheapo, Bill Wirtz. Luckily Rocky was the brains of the family
  13. Well I read a small article on line where there was some interest in an new arena for the Hornets in a location with easier access . I'll stand by the thud, especially after this season. As for Raleigh , see Hartford Whalers, as for Colorado see Quebec , Calgary and Winnipeg, see Atlanta , teams move .And just because the state of Florida has two teams doesn't mean Panthers are moving. There has been some talk lately that ownership of the Panthers will make a strong offer to coach Q in the off season, Also since Panarin is a UFA, and played for Q that he might be a target for them also.
  14. Peters walked into heaven, because the Gm in Calgary pulled the trigger too soon on the previous coach. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
  15. I decide to watch the Pens -Rangers game tonight. Henrik voted to All Star game and I wanted to see how he was playing. What a disaster. He should just decline to play, and let anybody who can stop puck play. I guess when the NY press refers to you as king you feel like you don't have to give an effort.
  16. And Charlotte was a nice growing city, just like Raleigh, before they got NFL and NBA. But what have those two done. NBA is thinking about moving on to it's third arena, and lost their franchise, NFL, well that record speaks for itself, thud! Close but no cigar. Rethink shouting about college sports city.
  17. I was being sarcastic. The Hurricanes organization was sadly lacking.
  18. Congratulations to Justin Williams on 1200 games. I was really surprised by the amount of celebration associated with that accomplishment.
  19. After last nights game , it became glaringly obvious our guys get bonus money for hitting skate blades with their passes.
  20. Why not? We once threw a sheet at Fedorov.
  21. How long will it be before we get to a game 7?
  22. Before last summer I was advocating for a coach with experience to take over for Peters. Now we are on our third coach in a row without head coaching experience. In 05-06 we had an experienced coach, a goalie and players who put together multiple" in a row " streaks. We have had none of that since JR got his panties in a bunch and decided to show everybody how insecure we was .That an an owner who lost interest. Now we have what? An owner who has lost interest, and a GM whose history is losing.
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