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  1. So what have we done in the last 12 seasons to make Tarasenko want to join the this?
  2. So over the summer Bill finally learned how to motivate players!
  3. Two things about last nights Caps game for Rod. 1. On Ovechkin's goal where there was definite interference, Why did you fold when the ref came over? That was the time you needed to channel your inner Torts. An ejection would have been better than the weak argument you came with.That was the turning point of the game. 2. After Darling's ups and downs , you left him out to dry in the shoot out. He played great against the Capitals best, and some are league leaders, and you sent out that line up. If you're not going to help your players get better, either trade them or get yourself out. Everybody on our team has to wonder when you won't be there for them. How do you suit up for a game knowing the coach is not going to give his best. So as a side note to Scott Darling, your current coach and the last coach both let you down. I hope your next team does better.
  4. For tomorrows game against Montreal, let Hamilton sit in the PNC press box. maybe he will get the message. The shock will either fire him up , or fire him gone. P.S. I know the game is in Montreal.
  5. He's got a money belt? Amazing, wouldn't have guessed that .
  6. What are we at now? Four teams have let their coaches hit the streets. Bad year to be a NHL coach.
  7. How about the fact that Skinner disappeared for long stretches. It was evident that he didn't want to play here. It's his contract year, let's see if he continues this pace or next year reverts to the lazy play attitude.
  8. Yesterdays Devils game. 30 seconds of game on followed by zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. We were lucky they didn't find their game. From my point of view, better passing would have done us in. And as far as Hamilton, still waiting. Must have a great press agent.
  9. I'm wondering if they are going to fly in all six remaining Whaler fans.
  10. Traverse City is awesome at the end of summer. Not too sure about Nashville.
  11. Thanks That really gave me a good laugh.
  12. Well, I think I saw Tripp at the store buying chapstick. Probably a love fest interview during pre-game, with flashback clips during the game. Don't forget the heartwarming remembrances of dinners past and conversations with Cam's father. Other than that , no *edit* kissing.
  13. Can anybody tell me what Rod wanted to save the timeout for. After the second Wings goal would have been good. Anytime during the OT when we kept stepping on our own ***** and couldn't get out of own zone, would look like genius . If you know the team is falling asleep, call a time out. Put Larry and Curley together, klunk some noggins and fire them up. The bench, and maybe the committee, lost the game last night. Let's hope they didn't lose the room.
  14. To all the Vets. Thank you for serving and please extend my thanks to your families. They worried about you and supported you while you served, and supported you afterwards.
  15. At least it didn't reference some golf center. Got to have a revenue stream to replace ticket sales.
  16. So where did the previous post go?
  17. For some reason I can't thumbs up your post. So here
  18. And I'm saying fix the scoring first then see what happens to the goalies. If you can't score it doesn't matter who is in goal.
  19. Last 3 plus an overtime, 4 goals ( three in one period ). That does not look like a confidence builder to me. Would you be willing to take hard rubber shots, knowing that if one goes by someone is going to squirt in your cornflakes tomorrow?
  20. So who said that they were willing to spend the money to make this a playoff team? How's that workin ?
  21. To all who are going to tomorrows game. Game time is 1 pm, if you leave about 6 am you might be able to see the opening faceoff.
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