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  1. Just glad it wasn't Darling in goal yesterday, some of our fan base might have had him packed for Charlotte midway through the second.
  2. Only thing about brass balls, you have to bring the monkey in on cold nights.
  3. I've seen one article where the canes end up 3 points better than last season. I'll wait.
  4. Just paying respect to my hometown team. Never said when my actual team is in town. During those matches I cheer for both teams. If that means turncoat, then so be it. I have lived in four cities with NHL teams. Always had a West team and an East team. The hometown team has the place in my soul, won't leave me. I won't be boxed in on an all in or leave. So if you guys are still on the "Canes Fan" or nothing, I'm out.
  5. It seems like last year there was quite a bit if discussion about Canes fans who wore sweaters of other teams. Does this mean I can wear my hometown team sweater with out criticism ?
  6. If the Whalers were such a great team, why are they here? Do they have Thrashers night in Winnipeg? Seals night in San Jose?
  7. From what I saw last night, Briscoe played like a real goalie. Here's to more of the same throughout the season.
  8. Might be the water level dropped and they were left high and dry.
  9. Just the latest edition in the long line of goalie flops. Maybe Briscoe breaks the mold and becomes a real goalie.
  10. You might want to check the performance of his teams.
  11. , Skinner scoring a hat trick, just too funny. I almost fell off the couch.
  12. It read like you were telling caryhurricanes to conform to pc by asking people with different ethnicity as to what his feelings should be, there by insinuating "racism" on his part. You didn't say study, you said check. I see that as asking for approval. As for my jumping to conclusions, I've seen and heard those statements about talking to, hanging out , or friends with African -Americans too many times not to be suspicious of the gratuitous need to include the Africa-American part to make your statement more valid.
  13. Sorry Top, but I've got to call you out on this. You used a backhanded reference to possible racism by saying caryhurricanes needed to check with ethnically different people to get his opinion " correct ". Either that you implied in forming his opinion was intellectually incompetent . Any way it was meant was not appropriate for a discussion board. By the way, the reference to sitting next to African -American fans and having a great time really sounds like it came out of the 60's by the " look, I associate with black folks " crowd as justification for their own feelings of superiority . My opinions, Just needed to get that off my chest.
  14. I really don't give a rats backside about a goal song, but I guess if we ever start scoring more goals, it might get annoying. Such problems for the elite.
  15. It's because we seem to be getting people with very limited playoff experience to fill jobs. Are we becoming Thrasher 2.0?
  16. Yosh Shmenge of the Happy Wanderers would be rolling over in his grave.
  17. Agreed . D men are usually in the 26-27 range. Something or someone got to Noah this past year. I'm wiling to bet on the new agent combined with the the utter mismanagement of players by Bill Peters. Noah will be a great D man for someone else and Canes fans will look back at that " what if moment".
  18. And we didn't get to the 22 or 23 " impact " age.
  19. And we traded away a 21 year old.
  20. The other two thirds of the decision makers have decided on another song not listed.
  21. Depending on the genetic makeup of the twirlers, might be interesting . We should have gone for more scoring in the off season.
  22. I guess going to church helps. Would going to confession help in a Richard trophy run?
  23. Don't forget your gazintas Jethro.
  24. So, how did all these hot shots we've got in Charlotte get here?
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