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  1. For heating or drinking?
  2. I always thought that Stormy did a great job as a mascot. The slide down the railings was impressive, He and Cappy danced at my daughters wedding and it was a special moment for all in attendance. Good luck and thanks.
  3. My choice was not offered. I'm voting for not enough.
  4. I can't see how Tripps explanations and use of the telestrator will translate to simulcast.
  5. Funny thing about Buffalo.... rabid sports fans who back their teams through thick and thin.
  6. How about a list by year of every team that has made the playoffs since we won the Cup. The reality of the Canes being listed once should send a message.
  7. I suggest somebody moves this to the Minor League ******* Match thread. The asterisks are not mine. I guess we cannot discuss relieving the pressure.
  8. A bit harder? Crunching number while waiting on the next pitch, yeah they've got the time.
  9. Yeah, but will it have staying power, or a one hit wonder?
  10. If Briscoe makes a come back and becomes a better than average goalie with a decent save percentage, do we have the scoring to push to wins?
  11. I voted neither, As far as Skinner staying, everytime you hear Forsland say " Skinner with the 10 and 2 move " his chances of wearing a different sweater increase.
  12. Everybody has a career worst, so I'm not done with Briscoe yet. You're right on the scoring front.
  13. Three way always works. But you always have to be the middle.
  14. I'll vote on American Thanksgiving day.
  15. Brain trust? Don't you mean brain fart?
  16. Snow should have been banished for the DiPietro fiasco.
  17. Just waiting for the big splash..Someone wake me if it happens.
  18. There have been plenty, none locally, but Leafs management is a new group with a big desire.
  19. Toronto just rounded third headed for home. Canes still trying to get into the parking lot.
  20. And what is the relation of weight to age? I'd rather know weight to height.
  21. Rivalries can develop without geographical considerations. Wings/ Avalanche was great while it lasted. Everybody was " involved " from skate around until they were forced off the ice at games end.
  22. I wouldn't bet on that. Harvard has been living on that mystique for decades now.
  23. Why yank the C from Staal for a short term Williams tenure? Stick with Staal, maybe not the TV personality, but has connection with the room.
  24. You do know at least 50% of Harvard students are C students.
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