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  1. And sometimes your goalie has a slow start. Then a coach has to step up.
  2. And there is the problem, Cam plays until he says no. The solution would be for a coach to step up and say no. Maybe with playing fewer games Cam winning percentage will get over .500 , the number of shots on goal he faces will take him out of that league leading stat ( not a bad thing), and may be we have a rested goalie ready for the playoffs. Sounds like a win/win situation. 3
  3. Just got done looking at the Contract Chart. We really have developed a problem at goaltender position. One solution may be to play Ward 70 to 75 games per season, that way we get the most for the 6 million per year we pay him, if we make the playoffs the fans get to cheer about what a great goalie he is. If we don't make the playoffs the the fan base can advocate for the "Trade so and so away and let's rebuild the defense". Either way somebody will be happy. Oh wait ... we do that already.... sorry move along... nothing to see here.
  4. I still want Franzen when he leaves the Wings.
  5. I think after last night Parise moved to a higher pay grade than we are willing to spend..... que theme from The Jeffersons.
  6. As I was saying. Sorry to see Murphy go, I thought he was our goalie for the future.
  7. Yes I did bring up Whitney, and I used him as an example of players in their 40's still playing. Maybe I should have used more names in that example to make it clear to you that playing into their 40's is not as rare as you think. I think that Franzen(if available) at 32 years of age and producing 50+ points per season would be worth getting. But if you think someone who would be the number 2 scorer on the Canes at 32 is too washed up, then good luck with that "rebuilding" that people seem to accept every year with prospects.
  8. I was talking about getting Franzen, not Whitney, but why give up on a 32 year old? Unless an injury causes a problem a lot of player are now going past the "norm". I would try a 32 year old producing 50+ points per year, good for # 2 on this years roster, plus 7 straight years playoff experience, looks like a bargin to me. If he only play to 38, that's 6 more good years.
  9. Who is that guy in Phoenix getting game winners and still lighting them up in his 40's????? Oh yeah Whitney, didn't he play here, didn't we let him go 2 years ago. 32 years old and 50 + points per season...... yeah that's good reason to pass.
  10. Some chatter in Detroit about moving Franzen. 4 million per year and a point scorer looks good to me.
  11. You have to consider what the Habs did with Cole. As their team leader in goals, I believe his role was that of the shooter rather than that of the set up. Here his position was to set up Staal, there he was the scorer. Although his assists were not bad numbers either. As to you other point, we did have a let down after the cup run, but rather that work through it, the management decided against a fast up tempo game and settled for Paul "Let everyone dust off the puck before shooting" Maurice. The effects have lasted into this last season with a "rebuilding" attitude that has finally been broken with our new coach. I can see Kirk turning this team around and bringing back fast, in your face, hockey.
  12. Two for the playoffs. Red Wings, because I'd like to see Lidstrom go out on top. Great player that everyone will agree was a clean player who played his best every game. Philly, because I think they are ready to really embarrass Pens, Crosby , and Malkin. Could be one of the all time great series.
  13. Thanks for the post. I have started to really watch him in game situations....... Kirk was the best thing to happen to him,giving him the on ice time to develop into a real player.
  14. I sit in the south end zone too, during one of the rare quite times the guy who sits in front of me said that the sound gets louder the further we are out of the playoffs. The sound level has jumped since the All Star break, and I have stopped trying to listen to Chuck K, thats the letter K, on the radio.
  15. Our defensive style has undergone a significant change since we got Spacek. Our defense is moving the puck up ice faster, and no longer seem to be icing the puck as much trying to dump and chase. Also they are more selective in how far past the playoff circle they go, prefering the offense to generate the play making. The defense is no longer getting caught behind the play on the other teams breakout. This shown up in Cams GAA dropping and fewer 2 on 1 chances. Package Pitkinen back to Philly, they need help on their back line, for that winger/ center that everyone is looking for.
  16. Now for a couple of observations that are probably just my opinion and not founded in facts. 1. The officials were more consistent and allowed the players to determine the outcome of a game when there was one ref and two linesmen. 2. If your guy is getting pounded by other teams, step up, if that means taking the rare instigation penalty, so be it. After awhile the other teams will back off. If the they want to beat on our stars, beat on theirs, make them think twice about their actions. 3. Use the new CBA to fix the problems with the officals, not sure on the answers, but very willing to try something else. Maybe instead of blindly fining the coach for comments, an independent panel can determine if the coach or the ref should be fined. Thanks for now.
  17. Here's a brilliant idea. Get in you car @ $3.65 per gallon, drive to the arena,$ 8.00 to park, $20.00 nose bleed seat. Now for the math problem... how many times can you do that and not excede $100.00. But then again when you go to the game the team makes more money to buy those high priced first and second liners people are looking for. So $5.00 per game is too much for you, invite some friends over and really hammer the costs down.
  18. OK I'll try, this should be easy 2011-2012 season so far Ward 1562 s/a 51 gp 51 gs 30.627 shots per game Rinne 1638 s/a 54 gp 54gs 30.333 Thomas 1193 s/a 40 gp 38 gs 29.825 Lundquist 1321 s/a 44 gp 44gs 30.0227 Again I'll say the number of shots faced is more a function of games played, but when you look at the average of shots faced per game ther is not much difference. 3 out of the 4 above will be goung to the playoffs as of now. Now here was my mistake I should have said .500 and under 2006-2007 30 wins 60 games played 2007-2008 37 wins 69 games played 2008-2009 39 wins 68 games played 2009-2010 18 wins 47 games played 2010-2011 37 wins 74 games played 2011-2012 21 wins 51 games played So far 2 seasons over .500 we will have to see about this one. Sorry my stats were so far off, Iguess I should hop on the bandwagon while it still slowly going by.
  19. Ok let's clear this up. Last time I checked Cam was a big boy. As long as people can post messages hammering defense, offense, Gm's,and coaches, then Cam can take a place in the line too. To call out a goalie who is rarely over .500 is the same as the criticism directed to others this season. So let's now clear up some of the responses that some fans and most in the media try to feed you when Cam's name comes up. " Cam got us the Cup", he had a great run in the playoffs, but Gerber had a great season to get us there. " Cam faces more shots than just about every other goalie", more a function of games played rather thanoverall shots, usually about a half a shot per game over the season. " Without Cam in goal the score would have been worse", a loss is a loss no matter how you slice it. " Cam is a All World Goalie", see the less than .500 number. Last point, look at the preformance of teams that make the playoffs, the teams that do well have developed back-ups that allow their #1 to play fewer than 70 by the time the playoffs start, Could be that a rested goalie takes you deep in the quest for the cup. Cam takes some lumps like all the others, let some backups play, and maybe we get back to regular playoff runs.
  20. Congrats to the Detroit Red Wings....20 consecutive home wins....which equals the Hurricanes total season wins. Consistency is a great concept. Oh well, maybe next year. I hate to keep repeating myself!
  21. Here's an idea... One of our multi-millionaires not playing up to his contract steps up and plays better and that takes the critics pressure off the other multi-millionaires not playing up to his contract.
  22. No, I was at the game. but after 3 periods and 1 overtime we were tied for many reasons.... PP,PK, good effort both teams, and some bad moments for both. All said and done the shootout was the final stand. That and what I was hearing on the radio. was the reason for my comments. Poeple calling in with questions on why we lost, so in my opinion, the facts boil down to 2 conclusions. If all things being equal to the point that the shootout begins..then the results of the shootout are the reason why we lost. The only question that has to be answered is, who did not step up to the challenge. I was actually pointing at 3
  23. After listening last night to callers and the host analyze the game and at what point the process unraveled, I have to state the cold hard facts. There are only two reasons for the loss, take your pick: 1.Our goalie could only stop 1 out of 3 shots.....33.3333 save percentage. or 2. Only 1 of our 3 forwards could score on a true 1 on 1 breakeaway.....33.3333 scoring percentage. Since our forwards have only have 1 chance to effect the outcome and our goalie has 3 chances...the envelope please....the loser is.......
  24. Let's hope Pitkanen is healthy and skating well before the trade deadline.
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