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  1. Skinner lighting up the Canes? Based on past history, that's not happening.
  2. Tommy could have won with the Penguins.
  3. Just read an article that Rutherford should be considered for the Hall as a Builder. I was laughing so hard, milk shot out my nose.
  4. WOW! You have just PO'ed the local Whalers fan base. You'll probably hear from him any day now.
  5. Bring in Scott Walker for the forwards. I was at the Caps game when he tried to eat that puck. Thoroughly amazed to see him back on the ice in that game . That's some big stones.
  6. Fourth round and we couldn't step up for a home grown talent? Congratulations Tyler!
  7. Reminds me of the Redskins bowing to demands from RG III. Tail wagging the dog never works for teams.
  8. Rebuild? Damn, we've been rebuilding for 12 seasons now. Bring me a center who stands in front of the net and doesn't mind getting clipped by a puck as long as it goes into the net. Plastering people to send a message is great, pucks in the back of the net are better.
  9. Brought my father into town years ago for a game against Toronto. Either fair or football, might have been both. Took so long to get into game the third star was being announced.
  10. Hows it goin eh? He blowed up real good.
  11. We are getting to the point the players will be at center ice to put in the jersey, if they can get past all the staff, children, grand kids and hanger ons.
  12. Hello Boys and Girls. Just back from the Great White North and Alaska. Just catching up on all the news in the NHL. Glad to see the Capitals continuing the moronic curse of the Southeast division. Win a Cup and part ways with the coach who brought you the success. Here's hoping they suffer the same fate of the Canes. Extremely limited playoff exposure for the next 12+ years and counting. Colucoocoocoocoo!
  13. Sometimes its difficult for the long suffering to believe there are actually fans who have not been jaded.
  14. Wow! You really are new here. One can hope.
  15. Congratulations to the Knights making the Stanley Cup finals.
  16. Why else would you buy a multi-million dollar house.
  17. Is Adam Gold the guy during games who gives his thoughts on the game? He always sounds like the satellite connection from Mars has a few loose screws.
  18. Who lasts longer in their new jobs, Rod or Bill ?
  19. I had wondered why Waddell suddenly popped up a couple of seasons ago. Then when PK wanted out I thought Waddell was the facilitator to help with the process. Now he's the new GM. Payoff for the completion of the sale? I might be seeing the boogie man, but it just seems strange.
  20. I got up this morning and saw the Vegas score from last night. If I was voting for coach of the year, Galant would be my choice. Even if some other coaches wins the SC.
  21. No. And get use to the idea that it will be a long time before another is retired.
  22. Wow, I'm getting warm and fuzzy feelings. One guy associated with the Thrashers. One guy associated with the Canadians and the Thrashers. One guy who hung the DiPietro contract on the Islanders. Things are really looking ........what's that word I'm looking for.............
  23. Colorado's coach has been floating around for a couple of years now.
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