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  1. I've been thinking the JR retires and Mario brings in his old line mate.
  2. And look what has happened to Gerard.
  3. Plenty of bosses, some shadier than others. But when you are the owner of a fan driven sports franchise, that has been flirting with disaster for at least 10 years, you would think some honesty to begin your tenure would go a long way. I was just saying that the difference his opening statements and subsequent actions has lead to some anxiety in the fans. Not what I would call a good start.
  4. So I guess we can't trust anything he says. Do anything to make the team better just marketing to justify firing somebody. I guess Ron should have been jumping through hoops and kneeling to the savior.After working for the cheapskate for so many years, he should have just started burning through the checkbook. Maybe the new guy forgot to bring the checkbook. This is beginning to looking like a classic squirting match. The last one with Lavi left us decimated for how many years?
  5. I thought I read that Ron and the new owner worked together closely at the TD. And didn't he say he would do what ever was needed to make the team better?
  6. And we paid Cam a boat load of money and we ended up where? Or is this where we blame the D ?
  7. Good luck Flames. You fired a guy because he could not get your team to the playoffs two years in a row. And you went out and hired Bill Peters. Dumber that box of tar sand rocks.
  8. But when you can't see a path to the playoffs the ice feels like slush and the season long fight catches up.
  9. Ever thought that Rod wants out too?
  10. He already to an involuntary pay cut.
  11. Got to be tough when your head coach bails.
  12. And how many man games did we lose this past season? I'll bet the number is a lot lower than previous seasons.
  13. Need to get both settled before Draft Day.
  14. I'm thinking this is going to take longer than the new owner expects.
  15. But the down side is he will have to deal with Pierre and his inane statements. Especially ones like he said during game 3 of the Leafs - Bruins series .
  16. Quebec? I'm more worried about the Houston Hurricanes.
  17. Calgary fires their coach after two seasons. I guess they have higher expectations.
  18. The chancellor at NCSU complained about the seat color and they were changed. It was either during construction or shortly after opening.
  19. I got one for my garage. The shipping is a b*tch though.
  20. A BIG problem we have is a serious rival. There isn't a team where Canes fans jam the stands to watch them win. If we can build a rivalry, then we might have a shot at remaining in Raleigh.
  21. But they quickly opened their wallet when NC State got their panties in a bunch about the seat color when the arena opened.
  22. Is there really some GM out there willing to take that big of a chance?
  23. Why do I keep getting images of blind men and an elephant ?
  24. He made the most of his opportunity..... our guys, not so much.
  25. It was more a statement for a experienced coach, rather than the last two we have had.
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